The sister-in-law

Chapter 1 - engagement

Emma was a high school bitch; Nick could see it as soon as his brother brought her home from college. She was mardy and arrogant; your typical good-looking girl, who never had to try hard in life because everything came so easily to her.

From the very first evening she arrived, Emma was lounging about in Nick's parents' house like she owned the place. She was tall and perfectly athletic with pretty features and dazzling blue eyes. Her body was toned and her chest was hard not to be distracted by, for she had the air of someone who could easily be on the front of fashion magazines.

Nick was a couple of years younger and just finishing high school at the time, so he knew the mean-girl type very well. She loved herself: her beautiful body, pretty face and her absolute mastery of men. Chris, Nick's brother, was completely smitten; he couldn't see through her like Nick could.

Nick had never got on with his brother, Chris. They were complete opposites. As far as he was concerned, Emma and Chris deserved each other. It didn't surprise him in the slightest that Chris had chosen such a princess to date. He usually flew through girls, so Nick didn't make an effort with Emma, despite the multiple trips she made over the summer. Emma never had anything nice to say to Nick anyway; Chris hated him so Emma followed suit, playing nice in front of his parents and then making snide remarks any time they were away. Some days she would pick on him for his dorky friends, other days she would laugh at his hairstyle, or clothes; whereas other times, she would simply be mean for the sake of it.

A couple of years later, when Nick was in college himself, Chris had unwisely proposed to her and Nick was dragged back home to pretend to be pleased for them both. He brought his girlfriend back with him, which Emma seemed to find... hilarious.

Nick liked his girls with a bit more meat on them and his then girlfriend, Samantha, was no exception. She was shorter and rounder than the average girl, with a cute, chubby tummy and plump ass cheeks - not bad for a girl who only weighed 190lbs. But, she was absolutely beautiful, with her pretty face and laid back attitude to life. It was early days, but Nick knew that she was a girl he could fall so easily in love with.

Unfortunately however, Emma was incredibly rude the whole weekend, making snide remarks about how much Samantha ate or the size of her double chin; Nick was furious with her. Surely a girl in her mid-twenties should be a bit more grown-up?

Things ended with Samantha not long after that and Nick knew the horrific weekend with Emma was a big contributing factor. That was when he cut himself off a little more from home. If there was one thing he had learned, it was to never bring girlfriends home again.

And as for Emma, well, what was the point? She would never change.
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