The week she got fat

chapter 1

You all know her here; she's been around for about four years. You've seen her stuff herself and play with her belly now and again, you would see her plump up a little then lose the weight, but over the years you saw her slowly grow from 140 to 180 pounds at a rate of approximately 10 pounds a year. She wishes she could be more specific in recounting that, but she never really cared enough to keep a record.

In November of 2010 while taking pictures of her body to post on Fantasy Feeder she couldn't help but notice she was finally starting to get soft. She's 6' tall and even though she went from 140 to 180 she looks as though she went from underweight to normal. She posed for the picture, posed for the second picture and so on before she gorged herself on a huge meal. She then took the after shots with her stuffed belly bulging out tight and round. She always found taking the after pictures to be a little distracting as her hand would find its way to her round belly just to touch it just to feel it. She looked at her overstuffed belly bulging from her midriff, "I'm so full," she said to her reflection in the mirror, "so full and so tight," she said then patted her belly, "I ate so much, I'm so soft..."

"I'm soft?" She looked down at the round belly she had gorged to get and poked the stretched skin across it. In the past her stuffings had always left her belly rock hard and round but sure enough there was still the ever so slightest layer of softness despite the massive meal she had just gorged on. As she finished the photos she began to notice more soft deposits elsewhere on her body, on her back, and sides even, her hips, her butt and thighs as well. She spent a few hours after the photos were done examining which parts of her had become softened.

She wasn't fat, but she was soft. She sat on her bed with her belly cupped in her hands, she felt her breasts resting on her bloated stomach, even the softness of her arms felt comfortable, like the little bit of fat she had was a safety blanket all over her.

She laid down and shut her eyes thinking to herself. She had been in the feederism community for a long time, even longer than she had been a member of Fantasy Feeder. She was 25 now, and had been a member of FF since she was 21, but had been lurking around other feederism and weight gain sites since she was 16, and even as far back as being a 7 year old she always has a bit of an overeater. She had always been big on eating, but had never allowed herself to go all out. "Why?" she wondered tracing circles around her bloated bulging gut. "Why have I not let myself go, yet?" She thought about her looks, about how her wardrobe fit, about the beautiful people in the movies and magazines, about the beautiful people she knew in person, and she could still not provide an answer to her own question.

She sat up in bed and gazed at her bloated belly, and soft though still thin thighs, she twisted her spine to check on the softness of her rump, then she laid back down hugging her knees to her chest she felt the softness of her body mushed together around her round belly.

"Maybe it's time."

She had decided to stop fighting getting fat, she was going to do the things she wanted to and that included occasionally being lazy, overindulging when she felt like it, stuffing on cake instead of steamed veggies. She would still stuff on steamed veggies when she wanted to of course but she was going to give into her sweet tooth at every opportunity that arrose, and she would never deny herself the pleasure of gluttony and an expanding body. She was no longer denying herself anything, and when Christmas came around she was tipping the scales at approximately 195 pounds as a result of her enjoyment of the more decadent foods.
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How much of this story, is your story?
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Rereading your stories is such a pleasure.
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I’ve always loved this story. Thanks for posting it again.