By the shores of lake aranel

chapter 1

They met for coffee as they had every afternoon for five years.

He was rich, well fed, and older while she was poor, skinny, but beautiful. It wasn't
the money she was attracted to, but it certainly didn't hurt. She found him attractive because he was a
gentleman and intelligent. The money just gave her an idea for what her future held.

She was always a hard worker but she longed to be a spoiled lazy housewife with plenty of food to access
and plenty of places to laze around. She wanted that because she felt like it was the only way to make
her strangest but most desired dream come true.

Ever since she was young she had longed to be able to be lazy and not do anything physical at all, and to
gorge herself until she became fattened to such a great extent she would need help to stand. She
wanted to have attached to her front a belly so large she could literally eat all day.

He could afford her the lifestyle she wanted to have, "What if I get fat?" She asked him feigning an air of
tease though meaning it sincerely.
"You worry too much about your appearance," he said taking her hand, "you don't need to worry about
anything anymore."

She wondered if he was sincere or if he had an idea of her plans for herself. She had not told him she
wanted to become morbidly obese, but she never hid her appetite or laziness from him at all so he knew
she would only lounge all day and eat large meals so he must expect her to grow fatter, but she was still
so thin he may have thought she'd not get fat. But, she knew she would soon become very much a fat-
bodied gluttonous sloth. She smiled thinking about how heavy and soft she'd be getting now that she
was with the man she'd marry.

"You're so cute when you smile, what's that one for?"

"Nothing," she said casually leaning against him and reaching for the scone, "I'm just so fattie."


&q uot;I meant happy!" She exclaimed popping a corner of the scone into her mouth then sipping on her
frappacino to moisten the dry pastry.

He chuckled at her and kissed her forehead.
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I’ve missed your writing so much. This is a joy to read. Love that you are back here. Don’t leave again. Ever. And keep writing.
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