Stockholm syndrome

chapter 1

She remained on the bed gasping for air, her eyes wide, trying to come to terms with
everything that had happened, she felt weak and violated, but at the same time she felt satisfied.

Madeline turned the corner onto Austin Avenue, she started to feel a cramp in her calve muscles so she
dropped her gym bag to the ground and bent over to stretch. It was a cool night but her workout had been so
intense that she was still wearing her workout shorts and tank top which hung from her thin toned body loosely.
There was no one around so she didn't feel like it was a problem to stretch out in the open like this. She stood
up and stretched her arms up arching her back when she felt a strong arm wrap around her midriff and a hand
with a cloth cover her mouth and nose. She would have screamed if she had time but there was something on
the cloth and she passed out.

When she awoke she was in a small room, furnished with a bed, a table with a television on it and a desk and
chair. She was laying on the bed completely naked. She felt hungover and dizzy, she couldn't exactly make out
anything around her. She sat up and held her stomach, she felt sick and dazed. As things began to get clearer
she remembered what had happened, she remembered the hand over her mouth, she noticed she was naked,
she ran to the door but it was locked from the outside, there were no windows. She stood on the chair and tried
to open the vent but it had been bolted to the concrete walls. She looked around for her clothes, for her bag, but
there was nothing. She covered herself in a blanket off of the bed and paced the room - freaked out.

She paced the room until her legs were sore, she had gotten herself worked up so much that her heart was
pounding and her breathing was heavy. She couldn't pace anymore, she laid down and tried to think, but she
had worn herself out so much that all she could do was cry herself to sleep. She woke up in the morning. At
least, she thought it was morning, she had no idea what time it was really, but there was a plate on her desk
with eggs and sausage on it, breakfasts foods, which made her think it was morning. She ate the food and
began pacing again. She then turned on the television, but no channels were coming through so she turned it
off and cried herself to sleep once more.

When she awoke this time there was a man sitting on the chair watching her. He was handsome, tall, and pale with
sharp dark haunting features. His bare arms were very muscular, his shoulders strong, his abs, as well.
Madeline realized he was naked too. She gasped and jumped to the corner of her bed when he stood and
came to her. He grabbed her be the wrists and flung her onto the bed, she kicked and screamed and tried to hit
him, but everytime she did he became more forceful. He held both of her hands togather above her head and
with his other hand he spread her legs apart. No. No, no, she cried, she gasped when she felt his penis enter
her vagina, everything about this man was huge, she moaned, part scared, part pain, part pleasure, she felt her
body tense and become weak, she felt him moving inside her, she moaned again. She tried to fight it but he
was far too strong for her and
far too big, she felt herself giving in.

The man finished and got off of her. She remained on the bed gasping for air, her eyes wide, trying to come to
terms with everything that had happened, she felt weak and violated, but at the same time she felt satisfied.
The man left the room and reentered a moment later, Madeline was still laying on her bed staring at the ceiling.
The man put a meal on the desk and left. She laid on the bed long enough for the food to become cold, but she
did eat it.

Day in and day out Madeline stayed in this room, when she awoke her breakfast was always waiting for her on
the desk, her lunch and dinner where always preceeded by yet another rape. The man would enter, have his
way with her then leave a meal fit for a king on the desk. Each day Madeline resisted the rape a little less, she
began to accept it as a part of her life from now on out, then she began to enjoy it. At first she only ate what she
could stand to eat of the meals, but eventually she began to eat each meal in its entirety. She would do situps
and pushups at first but she stopped seeing the point in it. She began to connect with her capture and she
started to look forward to his visits.

The man entered, Madeline was waiting for him on the bed, he kissed her this time. She looked into his black
eyes and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him back. She wrapped her legs around his waist
and felt him enter her again. She moaned, this time all pleasure, "rape me!" she screamed. The Man was
completely silent. When he finished he began to get up but she pulled him back down. The man rested his
head on Madeline's breasts. "What's your name?" she asked him. "Stockholm." the man said.

After a few moments of silence Stokholm stood up and left returning with a large meal. Madeline took the meal
from him, and began to nibble at a biscuit. "This one's bigger than the other meals." she stated.

Stockholm smiled slightly, "You're starting to get a belly, I thought your appetite might have increased."

Madeline looked down at her stomach and sure enough her once toned tummy was protruding ever so slightly
and looking soft. Her thighs seemed to have lost tone as well. She hadn't noticed how out of shape she had
gotten. "Do you like my belly?" she asked as she pinched a little flesh on it.

"Yes." Stockholm stated.

"Then I'll keep it." she smiled at him.

Stockholm leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, "It should get bigger" he whispered into her ear then he left
her alone. Madeline stared after him unmoving with the biscuit in her hand thinking about what had just happened.
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