The zoo

chapter 1

Beth is a normal college student no big plans for the future. She's about 5 foot 2, weighs about 135 lbs she's got a bit of chub on her. At the beggining of the year she was 115 lbs but since she spent most of her time sitting in the food court at the mall enjoying the free WiFi and working on homework for her classes. Beth started eating at the food court and so before she knew it she gained some weight, Beth was sitting at her usual spot in the food court when it happened. Beth didn't have WiFi at home and since she worked part time at one of the kiosk in the mall, she usually spent her free time in the food court working on homework and gorging on food while she worked. She didn't realize that she was being watched. Every day for the past 2 weeks a man was watching her gorge on the food and noticing how tight her shirt got when she finished her homework for the night. He was looking for girls like her and knew he had to have her, so he decided that today would be the day he would approach her.
Just as she finished her paper and closed her laptop. Beth looked up to see a man standing next to her. "hello, can i help you?" she asked wondering who the strange man was.
"hello my name is Mr. F and I was wondering if I can give you my card, see i'm a scout looking models to join our company, and i do hope you give us a call"
"a model agency?! you want me to be a model?"
"yes i do, and i believe that you have the most potential out of all the young woman I've scouted"
"is it all right if i give you my answer right now?"
"yes! please go ahead"
"yes! i'll do it!" Beth was so excited about this opportunity that she didn't even think to ask what shed be doing as a model.
"great then do you have free time right now? i'd like to take you to an interview"
"yes i do, i live by myself so i can be out as long as you need me too"
"great! then follow me." Mr. F said and when he turned to lead he gave a smirk so glad that he had captured his new pig.
Mr. F had parked on the other side of the parking lot far from the other cars perfect for what he was about to do. Beth had just opened the car door when Mr. F had placed a chloroform rag over her mouth and she passed out.
When Beth woke up she was in a small room, three of the walls were cement, there was carpeting and the wall facing a hall way was a clear wall with a locked clear door. In the room was a full size bed a TV and a metal chair. just as Beth was coming to Mr. F came by and tapped on the glass. "what are you doing? I thought i was going to be your model?" Beth questioned him.
"oh you are, you're going to be my pig, I am making a zoo and i already have a cow, hippo, and walrus now i need a pig."
"you're crazy"
"no I'm not and you must be hungry it's only been an hour since you last ate"
"no i'm not hungry, I'm actually still full from dinner"
"well my pig needs to eat so are you going to make this easy or hard?"
"hard, I'm not eating" Beth is a pretty stubborn person but Mr. F is even more stubborn and he gets what he wants.
"fine then" Mr. F pressed a button on the wall and a long tube came down from the ceiling and Mr. F had entered the room. He walked past Beth to the metal chair pulled it to the center of the room. walked to Beth and pushed her into the chair. underneath the arms and front legs of the chair were metal straps which would only be undone by Mr. F's fingerprint. the second Beth sat in the chair the straps latched and kept her in place. Mr. F grabbed the tube that was hanging in the tube and forced it into Beth's mouth the tube had straps that buckled in the back around Beth's head so she couldn't spit the tube out. Beth was trying to get out but due to the chair she couldn't and because of the tube in her mouth she couldn't tell him how much she hated him. "I hope your ready" Mr. F said as he pressed a button on his smart watch and luke warm vanilla liquid came pouring down tube into Beth's mouth, it came at such a fast pace that Beth had no choice to sallow because there was no where else for it to go. Beth had never been this full in her life, she could feel her belly getting fuller and bigger with every passing second, she could feel the pressure building and knew that if this went on for much longer she might pop. she hated what he was doing to her but secretly she loved the feeling of fullness. Mr. F filled her up for another minute before turning off the liquid and taking the tube out of her mouth. Beth felt like if he had let her continue for another second then she would have popped her belly felt so full. "well then lets see your belly" Mr. F said as he tore off Beth's shirt. Beth's belly looked as though she was pregnant and was due at any moment. it was red and hard as a rock. All Beth could do was moan and shift in her seat as she tried to settle her stomach. she needed a belly rub and Mr. F knew it. He undid the straps and carried her to the bed and started to rub her belly. she hated him touching her but it felt so good that she didn't say anything and let him continue doing it. Just before she fell asleep Mr. F got up to leave and on his way out Beth asked him a question she's been wondering this whole time "what does the F stand for?"
"oh that" he replied "it stands for Feeder" and with that he shut off the light and left the room thinking about all of his plans he had in store for his zoo.
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The start is good, but will there be more?