Too busy to eat healthy anymore

chapter - anna

Anna, was one of a kind, totally different from most of the girls you cross in the street, she was the kind people would like to stop and stare at for a while, just admiring how beautiful she was. He eyes are green, really big and probably the best part of her face. Her nose is small and she has got a bid smile that catches everybody's sight as soon as she laughs. About her body, she has always been the kind of girl whose body is desired by every girl around. She has pretty nice boobs, flat stomach and nice butt, not big, but well formed. She thighs are thin but not muscular since she had never been into sports.
She was never really thought of as a smart girl, but more the average basic girl. She liked doing jut what most of her classmates liked, clothes, tv programs and movies, music and hanging around boys.
This was her first year in college, an as a freshman she had never been by herself in her entire life. Her mum had always been the one taking care of her, always making nice home made food, mostly vegetables or low calorie foods to keep the family healthy...
During anna's first week of college she spent most of her free time watching tv and enjoying that she did not have much to do since it was just the beggining of the school year. She was playing it lazy actually so instead of making an effort and trying to cook good food, she was ordering food from local food places and fast food chains. By saturday it was time to call home, her mum asked her about how living alone was going, and as soon as Anna mentioned the fast food , her mum went crazy "NO, Anna, you have to eat healthy!" Said her mum
"Yeah mum, I will, it's just because it's the first week of the semester and I am so busy I had not have time to cook proper meals" She said
"Okay I hope so, take care of yourself" Her mum said in a now nice pace and way
It was true that Anna had been thinking of the bad food choices she had been doing through the week, but she had actually been enjoying it like crazy, since it was her fist time eating most of those foods. She found herself telling the excuse that it was just for that first week, but that she sill eventually start eating healthy again.
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