Your fun size horror story

Chapter 1 - your fun size horror story

Halloween 2016: Bumping this story up for your pleasure this season! For FAs, FFAs, BBWs, BHMs and all who love candy! Or can't stop eating candy!

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"Your Fun Size Horror Story!"
A 100-word flash fiction horror story for Halloween
You cannot halt your horrifying gluttony!

From their bowl, Fun Size Halloween candies tempt you: "Eat us, Tubby!"

"Leave me alone!" you scream, unable to stop gobbling them down.

"Never, Fatso! Eat!"

"Oh my gawd," you moan with pleasure, decadent chocolates filling your mouth.

"Soon, you'll be Fun Size like us," they chortle.

Your slender waistline thickens. The candy bowl magically refills. As if possessed, your hands reach for more.

"I don't want to get fat!"

"Fat is fun! Eat up, Chubs!"

Just then, your pants split. A shirt button pops off. Your new potbelly bulges obscenely, filled with fun.


AUTHOR'S NOTE (and an effort to get to the required 2000 characters!):

I thought my earlier 69-word version was a bit tame, considering that Halloween should be scary. And what's more scary than losing control of your appetite -- and growing a big fat unwanted belly!

Of course, I know some here desire this kind of vision, so this story may be more fantasy or erotica for them. It's not much of a horror story if you want it, is it?

Consider this a cautionary tale for anyone sitting near a Halloween candy bowl right now! You'd better move away while you still can.

You know you are food-addicted when chocolate starts talking to you, and when you can't stop listening to its tempting pleas. I have some Crunch and Milky Way fun size bars right here, and what? They seem to be saying something to me: "Eat, eat, eat, Tubs!"

(A revision of an earlier, even shorter version of this, changing the first-person to second-person to make it a bit more terrifying for those whose fears include losing control of their appetites and growing nice and fat. And a bit more fascinating for those who actually dream of something like this happening.)

Here is the earlier version I wrote of this story. I wrote it a bit erotically for those who are turned on by fat. Plus, it was just 69 words for the 69-word erotic writers group:

"Fun Size"
A 69-word erotic feederism tale for Halloween

From their bowl, Fun Size candies seduce me like a lover: "Eat us, Fatty."

"You little chocolatey devils are sinfully delicious!"

"And you're growing chubbilcious! Eat us all, Big Boy! We'll make you Fun Size just like us!"

"Mmmmm oh mmmm!"

"What's wrong, Tubs? Growing a sexy potbelly? Don't stop now."

"Ooooh, oooh, ooh, mmmmm!"

The last one melts decadently in my mouth as I pat my bulging gut.
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Thanks, Sweegy. I've always wanted to "flesh" this out some. I think the notion would make a great horror story.
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