kate and jenny

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The morning sun was shining as I was lying in my queen size bed. I rolled about for a while, before I got up and headed into my bathroom to take a shower. After quite some time in the pleasant stream of warm water I stepped out of the shower grabbed a towel and rubbed myself dry. Then I wrapped it around my hair and put on my underwear. While my panties fitted perfectly, my breasts were slightly spilling over the cups of my D-cup bra. 'I really should get some larger bras', I thought. I started to brush my teeth and while I did so, I examined my face in the mirror. Normally my face would be framed by my auburn hair reaching just above my elbows. My face possesses high cheekbones, cute slightly freckled nose and full sensual lips. But the most dominating feature are my large sapphire blue eyes. I spited out the toothpaste and looked at the rest of my body. I had to admit that I really was good looking with my beautiful face and my curvy, hourglass shaped figure.

Without paying much attention to my surrounding I entered my room and was startled by presence of someone else. "Hey, gorgeous."
"Oh, hi sis. Haven't seen you there. Why are you here? You need something?" I asked.
"Well actually I do. My ever growing ass decided to have yet another grow spurt, so now even my sweats are extremely tight, so I was wondering, if you have anything bigger." Just now I've noticed that she wasn't wearing anything to cover her thighs.
"Sorry Jenny" I chuckled a little "but I don't think, that I have anything to fit your fat ass." I poked her hip jokingly.
"Yeah, well at least I can still fit into my underwear, unlike somebody." she exclaimed while she groped my boobs. We both burst into laughter. Jenny wasn't just my little sister; she was my closest friend. Also she was the only person I knew, who could compete with me in the terms of appearance. With her pleasant looking face, vibrant brown eyes and jet black hair falling just past her armpits, she was really a sight to behold.
"What are your measurements?"
Jenny was starting to blush "Sorry, I just - I have always found body measurements fascinating."
That left me a bit surprised, "Really? Hmm, I don't know. I never really cared about it and it's a long time since I measured... but I should have tape measure here somewhere so let's find out." I suggested decisively. After a few minutes of searching I've pulled out tape measure from the bottom of my wardrobe. Jenny enthusiastically took care of it as she was eager to get her answers. First I had to take off the towel from my head, releasing cascade of red brown hair. Then I leaned my back against the wall, so Jenny could measure my height. "You are 5'10''"she announced. When I stepped away from the wall, she wrapped the tape around my breasts, then around my flat, slightly toned stomach and finally around my wide hips.
"Your measurements are 38 inches around your breasts, 25 inches around stomach and 35 inches around your hips. Now step on the scale." I did as I was told. Numbers appeared on the display. '129 pounds, that's all right I guess.'
"Your turn, sis." Jenny gave me the tape and with a smile she took her place with her back against the wall. As she did so, I saw that her buttocks touched the wall sooner than her shoulders did.
"5'5'' shorty" I said with a smile and a pat on the top of her head. Jenny stuck out her tongue before taking down her shirt to fully reveal her pear shaped body, so I could take her measurements. "31 inches around your breasts, 26 inches around stomach and 39 inches around your fat ass, sis. It probably won't take long and you will get stuck in the door frame." I teased her a little. "Now hop on the scale."
"Yeah, yeah whatever" Once again the numbers appeared on the display of the scale. 124 pounds.
"Kate, I wish I could have boobs like yours" Jenny said with a sad sigh.
"Well, you're still 15 so who knows? Maybe you will, but even if not with ass like yours, you won't need them." I said with giggle and with a slap across her meaty butt cheeks. "I guess you're right, but I'd still liked to be at least a B-cup..."

I got dressed and went down the stairs, through the hall and headed into the kitchen. Today I decided to wear short jean shorts showing off good portion of my silky thighs and a white tank top with low cut neck that well accentuated my ample bosom. Our family was pretty wealthy and our family house was more of a mansion really. It felt like it was even bigger, because right now Jenny and I had it just for ourselves. It was the beginning of summer holidays and our parents were on a vacation abroad. I have just graduated from high school and right now only thing I really wanted, was to enjoy the free time. Of course there was that thing about starting college, but I had whole summer ahead of me and so it did look like very distant future to me.

When I reached the kitchen, I started to prepare breakfast for me and my sister. I started making pancakes. I didn't really know what I was doing, because I was lost in thoughts. Suddenly I realized I've made enough pancakes for whole family even though my parents weren't there. I put all of the pancakes on a large plate, which I served on the table. Just as I started eating, I heard approaching steps. Jenny wasn't exaggerating, when she spoke about her sweats. They hugged her lower half like a second skin and I could almost hear the strain on the seams. "Oh God, I'm starving" Jenny stated as she sited down at the table. I could only stare in disbelief as she poured tremendous amount of syrup on her stack of pancakes.
"I've been thinking, that we could pick up some clothes, later today" I remarked "What do you think?" She nodded vigorously as she tried to mumble words of approval with her occupied mouth. 'No surprises there.' I finished my breakfast and because it was really hot outside I decided to go to change into my bikini to spend some time sunbathing on a garden lounger next to our pool.
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