the would-be sex god

a memorable first

"P-please!" He desperately begged.
"Fuck me!"

The ever so appealing hunk of a man that stood before him grinned a grin that would make even Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat pale quite pathetically compared to it's mischievously deviant visage.

"Awww, does the fat pig want my cock?"

The hyper-masculine sex god grabbed his throbbing manhood with both hands and stepped back before the chub's trembling fingers could make contact. With a coy smile and raised eyebrows, he knelt down and hissed seductively into his ear, "You want me, my fat little pig?"

The now prostrate pile of fat sheepishly nodded, to which the Man proceeded to pat the blond-haired fatty on the head and whispered,

"Then let's see if those plump lips of your can stretch far enough."

As the wide eyed, drooling chub sat there with his mouth hanging open in anticipation, the object of his worship stood and bucked his hips forward, spearing his oversized penis deep into the fatman's un-gagging throat.

"This little piggy is pretty good it seems," he gasped, barely holding on to his previously seductive tones.

The blonde haired twenty-three-year-old looked up into his half-lidded eyes and cocked an eyebrow, before taking the eighteen inch member all the way to the now-moaning master's groin.

The brunette stud threw his head back and let out a growling moan, while the blonde chub's tongue slid out over his swollen balls and slowly dragged back and forth as he performed the deepthroat.

The unimpressed blonde continued to pleasure him, expecting an early climax.

As he was about to close his eyes in preparation of a torrential influx of semen, a strong hand pushed him away, and the pulsating organ withdrew from his throat. The greatly fattened deviant was about to protest, until he opened his eyes. There on all fours with bulbous orbs of ass protruding into the air was the "master."

"I know you can do it," he panted, looking over at the chub's quite nearly-as-impressive hard-on, "I want feel that belly on my back."

The blonde chub stared at the dethroned, and soon-to-be deflowered top, caught between disbelief and lust as the former sex god forsook everything he knew in the bedroom.

With a triumphant smile, the chub stood and put a steady hand on the quivering man-flesh that was the body-builder's impressively round and voluptuous buttock.

"Do it," he moaned, "Please!"

The blond chub chuckled, having just said that word to the overthrown sexual monarch.

"Well isn't this a surprise," the chub seductively teased, "Don't worry, though. I'll be sure to make this a memorable first for you." And with that the soft head of his unusually impressive cock forced it's way into the dominant man's tight hole.

"Deeper," he commanded. But the brunette's feeble attempt at dominance only encouraged a hard slap on the ass cheek as he was penetrated to only a quarter of the chub' full length.

"Please! MORE!"

The blonde licked his lips and grinned as he pumped the unresisting man's anus partially full of throbbing manhood before he thrust his length deep into the pathetic hunk's ass, turning his current moan into a wavering scream. All the while the blonde chub's bulbous belly jiggled, slapped, and wobbled against the body-builder's lower back. With each full-length thrust he felt his oversized body slosh against the brunette's rear like an encased tidal wave straining against smooth rock.

Freeing a hand from the newly submissive lover's hips, he brought his thumb and forefinger to the erect nipple of his gargantuan yet proportionate right breast and squeezed.

"Do you like being my bitch?"

"Uh-huh," The body-builder desperately and deliberately moaned between clenched teeth.

The dominating chub leaned over, belly and breasts squashing on the brunette's back, and whispered,

You want me to be your daddy?"

"YES!" The body-builder begged.
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