In this story I will write in more detail about my best friends moms weight gain in first person from her perspective.
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an idea comes to a girl that she wants to follow through with
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**UPDATED 11/15** An SSBBW hairdresser teetering on immobility struggles to maintain her hair salon.
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This story is loosely based on true events
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6 months
****** CH 9 posted 11/15/2017 ******* Just made a few edits to fix dumb typos ** A brood of children --- and a loving husband --- conspire to give one woman the ultimate mom bod.
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The next big summer blockbuster is being filmed and Allie is excited to be working props... Until she falls for the star actress and can't fit into her pants anymore...
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Young Plump Mia is carefully ‘shaped’ into Leah’s and Alice’s Perfect Piggy.
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Female dragon weight gain, involves magic, humiliation, and a witch (art is not mine)
6 chapters, lesbian female
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A girl who starts her job slim and end ups piling on the weight
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3 weeks
Lucy manages her weight due to her parents constant nagging, but what will happen when she moves out with a chef who insists on cooking all her meals?
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