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an early morning surprise...

I woke up with a pounding headache, the light was streaming through the window and immediately knew that something was off, those weren't my curtains!

I sat up, well I attempted to. It took a lot more effort than I was used to. The reason for this became apparent as my boobs slouched down onto my belly. My belly?!

I threw back the sheets and could have screamed at what I saw, instead I was left speechless. I was fat, not massive but a whole lot bigger than I had been the last time I had been awake.
I rolled out of bed which was a lot easier said than done, I was obviously in a hotel room and I made my way to the bathroom.

I stood in awe of what was staring back at me in the mirror. My calves were now doughy and seemed to merge with my ankles. My knees were dimples under two massively flabby turkey legs, topped by the fattest ass I'd seen up close.

My stomach had never been flat but now it formed a gut that hung and obscured my view of my pussy. Two thick rolls now occupied my waist and led up to my new tits. They were huge! I cupped them and felt their new weight, releasing them they rested in their new position, perkiness all but gone they now rested easily on either side of my new belly.

My arms almost went unnoticed as I took in this myriad of changes to my body but there they were, plump and jiggly were they had once been kinda skinny. My big fat face, slack jawed and double chinned stared back from the mirror taking in the last of my changes.

"How could this have happened?!" I thought to myself. I moved my massive form back into the main room where I happened upon a note, hand typed it read:

Good morning Donna
I'm sure by now you have been introduced to your new self and am probably wondering why this happened to you.
It shouldn't be any surprise; I know that you haven't been spending the money I've been sending you on food like you were supposed to. I know that you've been faking your weigh-ins and all the pictures you've been sending me. You didn't think I'd find out but I did and had to take action so that your body matches how you've been telling me it looks.
Don't worry about how, just know that I'm serious about our contract and will go to great lengths to ensure it is upheld.
You will find a change in clothes in your new size in the wardrobe and a little bit of a bonus in your bank account for finally getting to our first goal weight.
Remember your weigh in is at 11 o'clock on Monday and I expect your usual video live this time, I know you won't disappoint.
Your feeder
Mr S.

A single tear ran down my newly rounded cheek. This guy was serious and I was in way over my head.
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Oh my. Just absolutely wicked! I love it.
girlcrisis 9 months
This is the sort of brilliantly evil story that I love. Thank you.
Bigger! 😈
Theswordsman 10 months
You don't say it cant get any .... Thats when things go even worse the before.
Thanks for the comments guys, this one is a bit slow on the new chapters coming to me but you can find my other stuff over at
Hope you enjoy
Pleaseeeee! More! 😍😍
girlcrisis 10 months
Ah, this just gets better and better. I love all the darkness and intrigue.