dreaming bigger

Chapter 1 - 1 - first taste

I wake to a flash of blinding white light. My whole body tingles with sexual tension, causing me to gasp and grip the blankets of the bed. I had never felt anything like it before - I never knew Somni could be so intense.

"Are you alright?"

He wraps his arms around my waist, making me gasp again. I feel his fingers glide underneath the lace of my top, his thumb settling around my belly button. This tips of his fingers brush the edge of my panties, and I can't help but moan.

"You're such a tease, you never told me you can make Somni do this."

"It's not just for taking fake vacations," he jokes. "They made lots of ways to experiment with your fantasies. Especially for trying some with skinny girls like you."

His hands caress my tummy, tracing underneath the silky fabric of my top. His touch sends shivers down my spine, causing me to arch my back. He pulls me closer until I can feel his hardened cock pressed against my ass.

"Well show me what Somni can do then. If I like it, maybe I'll even let you try it in real life next time."

He plants a line of kisses on the back of my neck and runs his hands in circles over my stomach. Warmth and waves of pleasure spring from every touch like magic from every inch of my skin. My whole body tingles and feels ready to burst into ecstasy. As his fingertips brush against my breasts, I wriggle from the intensity and arch my back, pressing my ass hard into his crotch. His dick feels so big, hot beneath the fabric of his underwear.

"Not too fast," he says, teasingly tracing his fingers down my abdomen. "You're still looking a little small..."

"Please, do whatever you want, please..." I can't take the buildup, I'm already on edge.

He pulls me up so I'm propped up by the pillows. I feel sort of anxious, but I'm almost squirming with sexual desire. I can hardly think straight. He reaches to the nightstand and picks up a gallon tub of ice cream. Unexpectedly, my mouth waters at the sight and my hands spring to my waist, gently resting my hands on my belly which seems to churn with hunger. I look up at him beggingly.

"Please, feed me, I need it..."

He crawls back on the bed and straddles me at my hips, nearly pinning my legs to the bed. Slowly he dips a spoon into the glistening, creamy container and brings it to my lips. I open them and swallow eagerly, hardly tasting the icy dessert before I'm ready for the next spoonful. The sensation is incomparably, each bite filling me with pleasure as if I hadn't eaten in days. My hunger simultaneously grew and waned with each bite; I close my eyes with pleasure as he feeds me and yet never feel satiated.

"Does that feel good?" He feeds me another bite.

I nod. "Don't stop."

Bite after bite goes into my filling belly. I hadn't even noticed that my hand was rubbing soft circles into the skin just below my top. The sensations were melding together into one big pleasure-filled wave.

"Good girl, you're starting to grow."

He brings his hand to my hip, and I gasp to see the changes on my body. My stomach has blown up into a soft round ball, bulging inches out over my panties. The curve of my bloated belly extends from just below my breasts in a perfect round arc culminating in the peak of my navel, which has grown deeper and rounder. His hands trace my widened hips up and over the hill of my tummy, squeezing a thickening layer of fat at my love handles. I moan under the pleasure of his touch. My whole torso is tingling with sexual energy, as if my sex encompassed my abdomen now too.

"You must have put on nearly 30 pounds, no small feat for a little girl like you."

I rub my tummy apprehensively, feeling my new girth.

"I think you look even more amazing." He leans in and kisses me passionately, my cold lips against his. His hand is still on my belly, exploring every inch of its new girth. I gasp at the sensation. I never imagined it could feel this intense. He pulls away and moves his hand to my face.

"What do you think?"

I gaze into his eyes. His are full of passion and desire, and I know mine must be the same.

"I think I can handle a bit more, to start."

He nods, and leans back to feed me another bite. This time I watch as I swallow each spoonful, still aware of its overwhelming deliciousness. I almost don't notice it at first, but after a few more bites I see my tummy start to grow more and more. The bulge gets higher and higher on my waist, eventually blocking my view of my panties entirely. His hand holds to my hip as they fill out wider and wider across the bed. My belly button becomes a deep hole on the apex of the hill that is my stomach. I notice my breasts straining against my top, overfilling the cups and bursting out at the seams. Similarly, my panties dig into my hips, creating a thick muffin top above my thickening thighs. I bring both my hands to my tummy, moaning softly as I caress the taut, smooth skin. My touch sends a slight jiggle across the new flesh which seems to radiate straight to me crotch. I moan in pleasure and arch my back, pushing my fattened belly high into the air.

He pulls back the spoon and kisses me passionately mid arch, dropping the ice cream and running his hand under my softened back. I run my hands over his back and pull him into me, feeling his strong body against my new plump frame. We kiss in a fiery passion, hands running over each other's bodies for what seemed like hours, until finally he pulls away.

"I have to see you," he says, pulling himself erect. As he leans back, he runs his hands down my hips, his fingertips sinking into a layer of softness. I can see his eyes drinking in my soft body, looking even more hungry than I am. I notice his bulge throbbing prominently under his tight boxers as he straddles my widened hips.

"Look at you, you must be 50 pounds heavier. You're almost downright fat... and I never thought you could be even more beautiful. You are irresistable."

"Please, I need you..."

He can't resist. He struggles to pull my embarrassingly-tight panties down my thick thighs. They are soaked with my excitement. He pulls off his boxers and holds my hips as he slowly enters me. I feel his hot cock slide into me and gasp with every inch. His hands dig into the flesh on my hips, new layers of fat yielding to his grip. Slowly he glides in and out of me, as I moan and sigh. Waves of pleasure were crashing over my body now, my muscles going numb and feeling weak with each new thrust. My vision blurs in the intensity.

I feel his hands jump to my belly and sink into its girth. I cry out in pleasure, gripping the covers as my eyes roll back into my head. His thumb is in my deep belly button as I rock back and forth with each thrust. My fat is jiggling with my breasts now, my whole torso rocking with the weight of my chub. His thrusting becomes harder, more intense, and I bite down on the pillow as it stifle my moans. My breasts, grown fat and heavy, bounce free of my top, jiggling as he fucks me with passion. I feel the final waves build to a climax and crash over me, my whole body falling limp as I cry out in pleasure. My breasts, my belly and my pussy explode in a fiery burst of energy all at once, and I can almost feel myself pass out as it overwhelms me. My body rocks to a stop as he pulls out and explodes onto the zenith of my stomach, covering me with his seed as he too bursts with pleasure. As I lie on the bed panting, I watch streams of liquid trace down the now steep hills of my abdomen as it rises and falls, as the rest pools in my deep navel.

"What do you think?" he says, laying his hand on my fat round tummy.

I smile. "I think I can get used to this."
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Cheers1758 4 years
Justenjoy 4 years
Are there any plans to continue this story? I just want to know if it’s worth the effort to keep checking
Jazzman 5 years
Another dream session as a mutual reward for a once in a lifetime massive gain. Gains that have been accomplished with cake batter shakes and buffets and home feedings. 20 in a week to 10 days.40 or 50 in a month.I lost track of her current real life weig
Jazzman 5 years
I like Everything in this story.I would enjoy revisiting the real world aspect again as you have done before.Maybe a solid week or 2 of feedings and sex .Shakes buffets weigh-ins .Even maybe they go for a 20 lbs week or 50 lbs month with another dream ses
Squidge 5 years
Tee_kay 5 years
This is so perfect 😍
Piggjen 5 years
Jazzman 5 years
This is Exquisite Fiction.Skillfully executed.Wonderful unique concept.I Love this.
Noarthereonl... 6 years
Brilliant story! Wonderful imagery!
Jazzman 6 years
I actually knew a woman who did this with a boyfriend several years ago.Very Real chapter Wonderful.
Jazzman 6 years
So rare for me to have zero suggestions.This is a pretty much perfect story
PrincessBlurmy 6 years
Just keeps getting better!
Jazzman 6 years
So Exquisite! Artfully crafted.Perfect pacing
Fatchance 6 years
This is AMAZING! More Please!
Girlcrisis 6 years
I really love this. It's turning out to be a very special story.
GrowHerBelly 6 years
Thanks! I'm a fan of your stories too so that means a lot!
Nok 6 years
I wish it was possible to give a story more than one like. I'm so jealous of your writing ability. F***ing amazing!
Jazzman 6 years
Such a Hot Chapter.Wow
GrowHerBelly 6 years
Thanks for your suggestion! I'll definitely keep that in mind
Jazzman 6 years
A weigh in and measuring of belly,breast and thighs.To see where she started and where she has accidentally come in real life.Perhaps a nearly all real life feeding and gaining chapter and then back on the fantasy feedings.That is my suggestion.
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