A Long Weekend

Chapter 1

I feel kind of silly, but my shrink told me to write this. Said it would help, confronting reality, pretend i'm telling my story.

My name is Jessica, and i'm a fat girl. Have been for a little over a month now, I guess. I wasn't always, I was pretty normal, not tall but not short, not skinny but not overweight either.

Since no one is going to read this, I guess it doesn't matter if you believe me. No one would, they never release this stuff to the press, it's pretty insane. He even said it was. Are you crazy if you know what you're doing is insane?

Anyways, I was on the way home from work, looking forward to a nice, quiet, long weekend and that's about all I remember, it got fuzzy after that. I remember waking up in a pretty empty hotel-looking room, feeling a bit odd.

After a few minutes of shouting for help and screaming and no responses, trying to open the door any way possible, looking through a mail slot, all I could see was a hallway and a wall, I just sat down on the bed, and took stock.

I wasn't hurt, or naked, I felt fine, if hungry, my stomach was tingling . Exploring the room, there was a TV and a VCR, but no cable, some windows that were covered from the outside, a stacked kitchenette and cupboard, fridge filled to the brim, clean bathroom and...

No telephone.

I thought I was handling it pretty well, calmed down as much as I could, but I nearly jumped out of my skin when something slide through the mailslot and hit the floor. I worked up my courage to go near the door, picked up what was dropped in: a VHS tape marked "Play me". I poked the mail falp open, looking out, calling out.

Eventually, I slotted the tape into the VCR, and pressed play. There was no video, just static, and a voice, giving instructions. The police said it's not likely it was his real voice, but I couldn't remember it even if I tried, there was nothing distinctive about it.

"It's still Friday, only a few hours after you left work. You have a long weekend, Piggy. You see, I have certain fantasies that aren't easy to fulfil. Unfortunately for you, i'm rather rich, a bit insane, and rather a scientific genius."

At this point, I honestly thought someone was playing a sick joke on me. He'd have to be extremely crazy, rapists don't explain themselves, and it seemed absurbed, and I listened on.

"If you do as instructed i'll let you go on Monday, Piggy. It's really very simple. Just keep eating, all the food in the room I made for you. I've made some changes to your body, you'll be able to. You're not just going to be my Piggy, but one of my guinea pigs as well. It should be pretty easy, those changes I mentioned, will make sure you're hungry too."

OK, if it was a joke, it was a pretty fucking weird one. I'll admit I was hungy, but I hadn't eaten since lunch, not exactly a big suprise.
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Mtlfan 14 years
Nah, I enjoy that, well, I find it difficult to write this kind of story without that type of premise, it's what let's me have fun. It's either that, or write a story over a much longer period of time, which I find kind of takes away from things.
BBWcreator82 14 years
Spell Check, next time. Female submission and a scientific genius, not too bad but..it seems most of the stories on this site revolve around this...or along this level. Write from the heart, man. Write what you want to, not what you think others want to read. As good as this story is, it really sounds like the typical FF company line.
Mtlfan 14 years
I have a few other ideas i'm kicking around, for stories like this.

May post in the story forum instead, as i'd like to find an artist to draw some pictures possibly.

As always, ideas for future stories, things you'd like to see are welcome.
Bradypig 14 years
Oh man!! I want to be that girl, but I would never want to be let loose!!
What a great story. smiley