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Michael Reed
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140 lbs
Skin: pale
Likes: cookies and pies, home cooked food, sleeping reading, anime, manga, dogs and Dimitri
Dislikes: working out, sports, sluts, Man-whores, homomphobes and spiders
Hair: chestnut brown
Eyes: ocean blue
Favorite Food: Meatloaf and birthday cake ice cream
Body: thin, lean but a bubble butt
Bio: Michael has had a crush on his best friend; Dimitri since they were young kids, and over the years of being close, Michael's feelings for Dimitri have increased 10x more, with everything Dimitri has did to show Michael, that he cares.
When Michael was in middle and high school, his dad made him start wrestling for the school. Saying that it is family tradition.
Because Michael hates most sports but loves food, he has been putting on weight. But most of the weight passed his stomach and went straight for his butt, making it big and wobble like jello every time he bumps into something, much to his annoyance but is completely oblivious to Dimitri's desire.

Dimitri Wilde
Height: 6'7
Weight: 178 lbs
Skin: tan
Likes: Michael, cooking, working out, hiking, running, swimming, dogs
Dislikes: people who hurt others, homomphobes, and smoking
Hair: honey blonde
Eyes: grape purple
Favorite Food: Fruit smoothies
Body: muscler, strong fast
Bio: Dimitri has always been into sport and cooking, he comes from a family of talented chefs and since he was learning how to cook, he would always have Michael try, his cooking as Dimitri's fateful taste tester.
As Dimitri got older, he realized that he likes bigger guys. And when he would see Michael eating, he would get the urge to press into Michael's ever growing soft body and hand feel him, sweets until Michael's clothes are tight and rip off his ballooning body. Dimitri has been working at restaurants and at his house and all the extra food he made would end up into more fat in Michael's bigger butt, that he loves to smack and fell it wobble, jiggle and grow off his cooking.

As both boys get older, they get into the same college, far away from annoying parents, the boys get the luck to be roommates. But when the wrestling team is dishpan by a fire that will take several months to repair and refurnish, Dimitri is not sure, how long he can last without feeding and feeling Michael's expanding back side.
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