chapter 1 - empty nest


Mason's dad never told him what he actually did beyond saying it was biomedical research. Mason knew though. His father was careless at home. He would leave documents all over. Over the years Mason pieced together the kind of research his father did. His father worked on women's appetite and metabolism. Specifically, increasing women's appetite and slowing their metabolism.

When Mason saw those pills on his father's desk, he knew it was finally his chance. He took some, ground them up, and added them to some cupcake frosting.

Chapter 1: Empty Nest

Thirty-eight and alone. Just like that, Taylor went from all the responsibilities of being a mother to an empty house. She wasn't against her son enlisting, she just wished he would have spent one last summer at home after graduation instead of heading right to boot camp. Her friends told her she should date again, that she was divorced for 5 years now and it was time for her to start seeing someone. Taylor was 5'5 and 200 pounds though, guys wanted fit, thin women, what guy would want her? She looked at herself in the mirror, staring at her visible belly outline in her shirt and thought "I might as well just get used to being alone here".

Bored, she picked up a book she was reading, put on a bathing suit, and laid out in the sun on her back deck while she read and drank a gin and tonic. She seemed to be drinking a lot these days, but it helped. After about 30 minutes, she got up and mixed herself another drink, laid out in the sun again, and went back to reading. Just as she was about to mix herself a third drink, the doorbell rang. She put on a robe and went to see who was there. Looking through the peephole, she saw her son's friend Mason standing on her porch holding a plate with 3 large cupcakes. She opened the door.

Taylor, "I wasn't expecting you Mason."

Mason, "Sorry Miss Taylor. I just thought I would come by to check on you now that Eric is in boot camp. I told him I would check on you."

Taylor, "That's nice, but you don't have to do this."

Mason, "I made you some cupcakes."

Taylor, "Oh that is so nice of you Mason, but I really have to be careful about what I ..."

He cut her off.

Mason, "Miss Taylor I hope you like them, they are Carrot Cake. That's your favorite right?"

Taylor, "It is, and that is very thoughtful of you Mason. Why don't you come in?"

She opened the door and he followed her back to the kitchen. He sat the cupcakes down on the counter and she went to get a couple of plates and forks.

Mason, "No thank you Miss Taylor, they are all yours."

Taylor, "OK, that is very nice of you Mason, but like I say I really have to watch my diet."

Mason, "Just try one Miss Taylor."

Taylor felt like she was being rude now. Mason had made her these cupcakes and it would be rude to not eat one of them. She put one on a plate, picked up her fork and took a bite. Oh my God it was incredible. She didn't think she had ever tasted anything so good. She took another big bite and almost moaned in pleasure.

Taylor, "It's so fucking good Mason. Oh...Sorry I mean it's very good Mason."

Mason, "I am glad you like it Miss Taylor."

She ate another bite and then another quickly finishing off the cupcake. She said, "I think I will have another." Taylor sat the other cupcake on her plate and took a big forkful of it. She quickly ate it, and then picked up the third cupcake, this time not even bothering with a plate a fork. She took big bites of it, getting the frosting on her mouth as she ate it. She quickly ate it and then liked the frosting off her hands and around her lips.

Taylor feeling a bit embarrassed, "Oh my, what came over me. That was really good."

Mason, "I am glad you liked them Miss Taylor."

Taylor, "They were so, so good, I can't eat like that though. I have to watch my diet."

Mason, "I bet if I brought you more of them you would not be able to resist them."

He then turned and headed for the door saying, "See you Miss Taylor."

As he walked home, he wondered if he had used too many of those research pills.
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QuebecFA 5 years
Yet another excellent story! I am definitely becoming a fan of your writing! :-)
Karenjenk 5 years
Wowww. well written. loved the character development and the idea. it pushed all my buttons. Definately going to put this on my read again list.