falling for the feeder

Chapter 1 - Preferences

Of course Maxine had been into Talon ever since she’d first laid eyes on him. One look at that handsome smile, pretty face, not to mention the stunningly athletic body, and she had been swooning like never before. It was his piercing eyes and striking features. Or, perhaps it was Talon’s confidence and swagger that did it for Maxine just as much. Talon: the overconfident young guy, not at all daunted by the enormity of New York City after coming from such a small town, now surrounded by people he had never met before and places he did not know. Instead, maybe it was the way nothing in life seemed to phase Talon; as if the world was there only for him, and he would seize it with both hands.

For a nineteen year old Maxine, newly out on her own for the first time and sharing a house with lots of rowdy, devastatingly handsome boys, perhaps she was always going to fall hard for at least one of them.

Maxine had first learned of Talon’s unusual taste in women quite early on. She’d come downstairs in the morning to see the handsome football player making breakfast for a large, overweight girl that she’d seen walking through campus a few times before. She did a double take, seeing Talon leaning in and kissing her as he served up a plate of food for her. Had this girl been the one she had heard Talon drunkenly bringing home last night? Surely not!

Sticking around downstairs, Maxine listened to the flirtations of Talon, spoiling and kissing her as if she was the love of his life. She watched as Talon led her to the door, placing his large hands on her enormous rear and kissing her once more; gently pulling up her skirt a little so that Maxine got an eyeful of the girl’s thick, doughy legs from behind.

“Are you… really into her?” Maxine asked as the door closed and Talon was rid of her at last.

“Hell no!” Talon scoffed, shrugging off the romance of the previous few hours like a dog shaking itself after a dip in a frosty lake.

Maxine chuckled, feeling a strange sense of relief. The world hadn’t gone mad after all. “I thought not! I couldn’t quite get my head around it when I saw you flirting with her in there.”

“Look at that!” Talon grumbled, ignoring Maxine entirely. He was lifting the plate he’d served his guest that morning. “She hardly ate any of it!” he complained, seemingly genuinely insulted.

“You did serve her quite a lot of food though,” Maxine replied, feeling unsure where Talon was going with his sudden disgust of the woman he had been seemingly infatuated with only minutes earlier.

“She’s a fat girl though,” Talon stated bluntly. “You saw the size of her. She should be able to eat a simple breakfast like that without a problem.” He lifted up the lid of the trash can and scooped the remains away. “I hate it when girls do that!” he grumbled, throwing the plates in the sink and running off upstairs to get ready for his classes.

Maxine stood, feeling just as confused as ever. Nothing seemed to make sense. Not only had the gorgeous Talon brought a large, unattractive fat girl home, but the thing that had seemingly put him off was his date not finishing her breakfast? She’d heard about guys who were into fat girls; some who even liked to feed them up and enjoyed actively helping to fatten them up. But that wasn’t Talon. Was it?
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Makeme300 11 months
Really enjoyed this story. The ending was very sweet
Miachu 1 year
Loved it! another great story!
ZAGuy 1 year
Wow! I started reading and couldn't stop until I had finished the whole story. Great work.
Feeder862 1 year
Many thanks to those liking, commenting and following. I have written the story with 27 chapters and so it will soon be concluding. Please see my other female WG fictions if you have enjoyed this.
Fatowl 1 year
It would be fun if there were some interesting twists in the story along with more insight to how the characters think rather than agreeing and falling for things. Have Maxine show some backbone.
Ifmusicbe3 1 year
This is a perfect story. Can it go on indefinitely please?
Jazzman 1 year
Mighty Fine! Loving this one and the frequent updates.
Binky 1 year
This is my favourite story in a long time.

I can’t wait for more!
Fatchance 1 year
This is extremely erotic!
Fatchance 1 year
OH MY! The sled is headed downhill NOW!
Shammyboy 1 year
Who is Jay?
Feeder862 1 year
Typo, sorry. It is now corrected. Thank you.
Feeder862 1 year
This is very funny. Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying them.
Fatchance 1 year
I just LOVE this next plot twist!
Jazzman 1 year
All Time Great Here! I've red thousands. You're top five as I told you before. Your prose and structure and pace are off the charts
Fatchance 1 year
Wow. this is extraordinary!
Mdp99 1 year
I love where this story is going! Can’t wait for the next episodes!
Td0057 1 year
As per normal, a great start to what promises to be a great story!
Fatpeter 1 year
How long before Maxine starts drinking the shakes?