never trust a thin chef

Chapter 1 - A New Face at the Perk-U-Later Cafe

This story is being actively updated on Fridays or Saturdays. Some gourmandizing and big meals ahead for Baz along with explicit sex and some light BDSM, including and especially spanking for Millie.

Lacking italics, I am using *X* to indicate internal monologues and -X- to indicate text messages. Hopefully that makes this a little more readable!


The Perk-U-Later Cafe was bustling when I entered, the line snaking around most of the floor. Of course it would be crowded, especially since I was running late already. *Your own damn fault, girl.* I sighed, queued up, and pulled out my phone. Swapping tiles sounded like a good distraction, but when I pressed the home button it didn’t unlock. I tried again, and the power button, and that was when I realized that I hadn’t charged my phone overnight. That would explain why I slept through the alarm: there had been none.

Another sigh escaped me. I scanned the room idly when to my delight and surprise I saw a new face here. The morning crowd was pretty stable and I knew most of the faces here by sight. The neighborhood was a melting pot of Occults and humans of all backgrounds, but even in this diverse setting this fellow stood out.

He was a massive tiefling, or perhaps a full-blooded demon, though they were rarer. He had bright red horns, a complexion to match, a huge shelf of an ass, and the girth of a medium-sized blimp. He faced away from me while he placed his order. From the length of his speech to the cashier, it was apparently quite a list! The line that had been a bother suddenly became a blessing. I now had ample time to ogle this gorgeous big boy.

He finished his order and turned back around, carefully trying to avoid smacking the other patrons with his huge, high gut. My heart raced at the reveal. This was the roundest belly I’d ever seen. It drooped invitingly over his belt a few inches, but jutted gloriously forward. A pair of black framed glasses, in retro Buddy Holly style, magnified his eyes. They were a dark shade that nevertheless sparkled under the muted, warm lights. A blue sweater vest over a blue and grey plaid button-down covered his belly and chest. His pants looked like they fit well a few meals ago, and the grey fabric strained at the seams around his thick thighs and bulging waist. A tail, plump with the excess of many meals, waved in counterpoint to each step. As he walked, the bloated bulge around his waist shifted with every step, each jiggle sending arcs of electric need through me.

He lifted a tray laden with pastries and carefully picked his way through the throng to seat himself on a sturdy bench and table in the corner. I was mildly shocked that there was a seat sturdy enough to hold him in the cafe. He placed his bevy of treats on the table, and, after pouring his tea, he set to work on the sweet and buttery confections. His manners were exquisite. He ate neatly and orderly, with an all-encompassing focus. A bomb could have gone off in the street and he’d still be taking another bite of chocolate croissant. Hell, a bomb could have gone off and I would still be watching him!

The Elven barista caught my attention, and I placed my very boring order for a large drip coffee, no milk, two sugars, before turning back to admire this tall, broad behemoth stuffing himself. She returned with my coffee just as another employee, covered in flour, bounced up.

“Apple fritter’s ready, sorry it’s late,” the baker, a human woman, said, handing the barista a plate before hustling back to the kitchen.

The cashier made a face then waved and hollered at the happily munching man who, of course, remained oblivious. Likely he couldn’t hear her over the crowd, in addition to his absorption in his meal. Or perhaps this was only his snack?

“I can take that over to him,” I volunteered. “It’s on my way out.”

She looked relieved. “Thanks miss, it’s so frickin’ busy today!” she said, and turned to the next customer without giving me another thought. My coffee now ready, I picked up the plate and darted between the milling coffee drinkers towards the enormous Tiefling now licking his fingers. I had to rush to work, but maybe I could snag his number before I ran off.

“Uh, hey there. They said you forgot this at the counter,” I said through the armies of butterflies creating mayhem in my stomach. Up close, he was even hotter and his meal even more impressive. Soft rolls bulged under his arms, his moobs having created a thick band of fat around his chest. His gut bulged over the table, and his double chin quivered when he looked up at me. The table was covered in small plates. He’d already devoured several of the dishes, and had almost a dozen more to work through. Despite his neat manners, a small smudge of chocolate had landed at the corner of his mouth, looking deliciously kissable and adorably gluttonous.

“Oh! Ah…” He trailed off and looked at me suspiciously.

It seemed possible – no, likely – that he thought I was mocking him or about to shame his food. I scrambled mentally to assuage him and gestured at the fritter. “It looks so delicious, it would be a shame to have paid for it and not get to enjoy it.” Then, I gave him my best million-watt smile. Without being vain, I knew I looked cute today. My much less-generous curves were hugged by a pencil skirt that made my hips and thighs look great, and though my blazer wasn’t anything special, the square neck top I wore underneath showed off my breasts… if I leaned forward. Which I did as I put the plate down in front of him.

The smile, the comment, and perhaps most of all the display of tits seemed to reassure him. “Ah, that’s very true. I haven’t tried their fritters and was looking forward to it. Thank you so much.” I liked his voice. It was deep, and plummy in an old Hollywood kind of way.

We both went silent and looked at each other for a moment. I was trying to muster the courage to ask for his number, and I hoped he was doing the same. Just as I felt ready to ask, my phone began blaring from my pocket. I pulled it out. It was Sadie calling from work… which meant I was late. “Shit,” I snapped aloud, then added, “I’m sorry. I have to run. I, ah, I hope I see you around!”

My feet were already carrying me away from the hottest man I’d ever met when his reply floated past: “Round is the only way you’ll see me!” Ooh, he’s silly too. I turned to give him one last look as I exited the cafe, he rested his chins on his hand, leaning on the table, and gave me a wave. Lord, I hoped he’d be back soon, and preferably on a day I wasn’t late!


Work was… well, work. Nothing more or less. Working in development at the Green Fields Foundation wasn’t lucrative, but I knew firsthand how important parks and green spaces were in a city. I couldn’t stay in this place forever without a promotion, but I enjoyed it right now, and it would be killer on my resume.

I spent the commute home staring out the bus window and daydreaming about the big tiefling I’d seen this morning. Did he date humans? Some of the occult types didn’t go for us vanilla sorts, but he seemed to like the peek at my boobs. What kind of movies did he like? What was his favorite ice cream – and how much of it could he eat at one sitting? And most importantly, did he like having his belly rubbed? My thighs squeezed together involuntarily as blood rushed to my pink bits at the thought of worshipping his enormous, soft gut. Then, my brain offered a detailed image of being crushed underneath that massive belly while he fucked me, naked and tied up, and I think I lost consciousness for a second.

I’d been home and just gotten into my joggers and hoodie that made up my at-home wardrobe when Sadie texted me.

-Hey! I saved your ass this morning when you were late. Can you make it up to me and come to a party tonight?-

-I’m in my comfy clothes, bitch.-

-Please, Millie? Pretty please?-

Alone in my apartment, I exhaled a huge sigh. Sadie was a pixie and had all the typical energy and social needs of those chirpy little Fae. -Fine, text me the address and I’ll meet you there.-

-Thanks, babe!- She texted the address and my eyes bugged out. It was an apartment in Roaring Heights, a ritzy and mostly draconid-filled neighborhood. Who would she know in that zip code? This meant a long cab ride, and dressing up. I regarded my comfy joggers with sorrow in my heart.

“I’ll be back in just a few hours,” I whispered to them and then shucked them off to change. *This will be fun*, I told myself. *I never get a chance to dress up!* I eventually managed to coax myself into a less pessimistic mindset and put together a killer look. I’d found a vintage dress and had a friend alter it to match my exaggerated curves. Though my waist was slim, my bust rarely fit into clothes without some tailoring, and my hips, thighs, and butt were firm and round. My stints at the gym were erratic, but I loved taking long walks all over the city, fun and great exercise.

My dress was a scorching fuchsia, an eye-searing shade that I only ever saw in fashion from the 50s. It was a modified wrap with a flaring skirt and narrow waist. I paired it with clunky lug-soled platform heels, a counterpoint to the exaggerated femininity of the dress, and black lacy tights. With no idea of what the crowd there would be like, I decided to go with the eclectic oddball style I preferred rather than try to match some unknown standard. I shrugged on a black leather bomber jacket, popped on shimmery silver chandelier earrings, and headed out the door. The sooner I left, the sooner I could return to my sweet, precious sweatpants.

This is my first gaining/FFA story in a long time, so I hope you enjoy!
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I almost cried posting it!
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There just might be an epilogue! I wanted to wrap everything up for you all with a pretty bow. 💕
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Zombit 3 weeks
Every update is like magic. I fall deeper in love with the story and the world. 😍
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