cuddle time

Chapter 1

Emily had made herself comfortable. She'd slipped out of her over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, slipped into her nightgown and a relaxing old night-shirt, and tidied up her little solo dorm room for her guest. She cleared the mattress of her chemistry texts, she had another kind of chemistry on her mind. The wine from dinner was wearing off, she should have been more and more sober by the minute. Instead her head swam from an entirely different intoxication. The knock at the door came not a moment too soon.

Emily's heart was pounding out of her chest when she let Annabelle in for their first "sleep over". Annabelle stood almost a full head taller than Emily, not the only contrast between the two. Emily was short, round and bottom heavy, well endowed, with nearly black hair and the darkest brown eyes. Annabelle was tall, lean and petite, with auburn hair and blue eyes. Emily was a bookworm and STEM grad, Annabelle was a dancer and an English grad. The girls held apart for only a moment after the door closed, then fell into each others arms like the young sweethearts they were.

They placed their hands on each other carefully, tentatively, afraid of going a step too far. Emily settled on burying her face in Annabelle's upper chest and neck, her hands finding the southern girl's toned mid back. Annabelle laid her cheek on the top of Emily's head, catching the scent of her lavender shampoo and wrapping her arms and hands around the northwestern girl's shoulders. They pried themselves apart, under duress, long enough for Annabelle to slip out of her jacket and jeans, revealing her own comfortable sleepwear.

"Is it okay if we sit down?" Asked the taller girl. Emily nodded and led her by the hand to the foot of the mattress where they settled, arms around each other.

It was only a few moments before they let themselves lay down together. ...And only another moment before they realized how awkward cuddling would be with their legs hanging off the end of the bed. They crawled and shifted, slid, and otherwise inelegantly scootched themselves up till their heads touched the pillows. Then Annabelle made a face, smacked her own forehead, and jumped off the bed to retrieve a parcel from her jacket. When finally the two were settled in together... again... Annabelle presented her rolypoly snuggle-buddy with a little box of caramels.

Emily didn't have to say anything. She smiled and giggled, thinking: 'the candies from the campus convenience store?'

"These are your favorite, right?" Asked Annabelle, nervously.

"They might be." Teased Emily. "I won't know until I try them."

Annabelle plucked one from the box and prepared to hand it over, but quickly figured out that Emily's hands were busy pawing her. So she unwrapped the caramel and slowly, pausing twice to see how the other girl would react, placed the sweet in Emily's mouth. Emily's lips lingered on Annabelle's fingertips for an extra second before she let herself enjoy the candy.

"So you weren't kidding at dinner about keeping me well fed?" Asked the plush girl when she finished. "First all of that, at the restaurant, and now you're giving me sugar?"

"May I?" Asked Annabelle, breathless. "May I give you... a little sugar?"

Emily blinked, smiled, blushed, and leaned in. The two eased into their first kiss. Then they touched foreheads, then cheeks, and soon they were enjoying each others' lips again. Emily was the first to kiss neck. Annabelle the first to nibble on an earlobe. They had fits of giggling and their hands started to roam.

Emily's fingers found the tops of her lover's sleep pants. She stopped and asked, waiting for Annabelle's gentle 'please' before she cupped the tight dancer's behind with both hands. Annabelle found a different handhold first in Emily's supple love handles.

"Is this okay?" Annabelle asked.

"That depends..." Whispered Emily. "... Do you... like it? Like... my..."

"Yes...!" Annabelle answered. "I like how... soft you feel... I love how... plump... you are."

They kissed again, and again, for a long while. Taking a chance, Annabelle unwrapped another caramel for her full-figured bed-friend. Emily accepted it, then kissed her before she started to enjoy the sweet.

"Would you say that again? As you feed me?" Asked Emily, shyly.

"Soft?" Asked Annabelle.

"The other word..." Said Emily.

Annabelle delicately placed the caramel on Emily's lips and leaned in to whisper directly into her ear: "plump..." Emily squeezed her in response, her breath deepened, and a little moan escaped her.

"Plump." Whispered Annabelle, seizing the moment. "You're going to be my... plump... girlfriend."

Emily kissed her again.
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Letters And ... 10 months
Really cute!
Blackjackand... 10 months
This is so cute! Short and sweet, literally. "Plump"... best adjective ever.