The prince's secret

  By FitLoveBBW

Chapter 1 - Prologue

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The calendar read 2052, and America had dramatically shifted from its past. Now a Southern dynasty, the Everests, held the reins, claiming leadership with a brand of Christianity in their grip. Their America wasn't the republic it once was. Now, it was their kingdom, with the old stars and stripes replaced by a crest - wolves circling a cross.

Prince James Everest, the family's chosen heir, played a double role. By day, he commanded the Women's Puritanical Guard, ensuring the strict religious code reigned supreme. But when night fell, he transitioned to the country's most eligible bachelor, a media darling seen at all the glitzy balls, posh parties, and luxurious restaurants, always in the company of America's most beautiful women.

His handsome face and charm were a daily fixture in the media, a spectacle carefully designed to maintain the Everest's public image. The women he was seen with, epitomes of perfection, were seemingly enchanted by the charismatic prince, unaware of the iron fist he wore beneath the velvet glove.

Beneath the media's gleaming portrayal, however, James harbored a secret. A secret that, if revealed, could detonate the foundation of the Everest rule.

With the dawn of each new day, Prince James slipped into his uniform, a stark reminder of his role as the leader of the Women's Puritanical Guard. Their moral code was clear, steeped in the rigid boundaries of religion. And yet, James found himself defying these very norms in secrecy.

The Guard allowed him access to detailed profiles of women across the kingdom. His public companions, all epitomes of accepted beauty, were only a facade for the cameras. They fit neatly into the narrative the media spun around him. But in private, his desires strayed from the predictable.

In a society where physical fitness was upheld as a virtue and gluttony shunned as a sin, his true desires lay hidden. He found himself inexplicably drawn to those women who fell outside the kingdom's accepted norms. Women whose bodies were abundant and full, figures that were hidden from public view and frowned upon by the society he helped govern.

The Guard's database was his secret trove. In the stillness of the night, he would pore over profiles of these women, those deemed 'sinful' due to their size, their stories offering a thrill he never found in his typical entourage.

But with every secret glance, he walked a dangerous line. His clandestine interests were a ticking time bomb that could blow his world apart if ever exposed. Gluttony, considered a cardinal sin, was technically outlawed. To be attracted to its embodiment was a violation of the moral code he himself enforced.

This precarious balance between his public duty and private yearning kept him in constant tension. His every day was a high stakes game, a dance on the edge of catastrophe. His secret was a wildfire that could consume him, yet it was a flame he was unwilling to extinguish. Thus, he was trapped in a constant tug of war between the Prince the world saw and the man he was in the secrecy of his desires.
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Tadzee123 1 month
Where did u get the pic for this book?
ChrisBsmurfin 1 year
Can't wait to still how dark and twisted the prince's obsession actually is! A great setup to what could be a fantastic story... Can't wait for more 😊