le beurre (butter)

Chapter 1: Prologue

Synopsis: Theo works at a day job he hates and comes home to an empty apartment every night. His cat, Oliver, is his only true companion. After one drunken night on the internet, he gets a text the following day telling him to check out a particular club that, after one visit, will change his life forever.

This story contains elements of male-male fantasy and weight gain and is infused with a dosage of reality that could or might happen to you.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Have you ever had that sensation that, even after you wake up, that you’re still dreaming? That everything in the dream was—and is—still real? It is THE reality? Your reality.
Well, that’s how I feel like how my life is going, though it’s kind of hard to explain. But I will try.
My name is Theseus. Yes, like the guy who killed the Minotaur. Everyone calls me ‘Theo’, except my parents, who were Greek-obsessed when they named me. Cool, huh?
I come from a single-family home with two doting parents. A father who works from the road, way too much and a mother who essentially raised me to become the soft, sensitive man that I am today. I’m a recent college grad. Well, who am I kidding, it’s been 10 years. But I’ve got that face that looks young-ish, despite growing a beard, but everyone still thinks I just got my diploma in the mail last month.
I live alone in my apartment with my cat, Oliver and work as an accountant in a large firm. And I really don’t like my job, but I don’t have my future all mapped out, not that I should at my age. Right?
I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this, but I am sure it’s relevant somehow. I keep racking my brain about why I am even writing about myself. Here, even now as I type these words, why should you care about what I have to say? Am I really that narcissistic? Is this my soapbox?
I guess some people like to leave an imprint. Well, let me tell you about the imprint that was left on me. A mark that felt so real, that still feels so real, that I need to share it to make sense of it all.
It all started with a dream that I can’t remember. Like catching smoke with your bare hands, the harder you try, the less essence remains. Still, there are ghosts, flashes of the dream that I cannot forget.
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FATBOY71 2 weeks
How tall is Theo? I'm guessing he's mid 30's and about 5 foot 9? 🤔
Really enjoying this complex story!
Graeme ❤️
Runningsoft 1 week
That would be a fair assessment of Theo's age and height, yes. And thank you for enjoying the story. Not sure how far you have gotten so far, but the final chapters are being written and edited.
Bbman30 2 weeks
He’s so self destructive. He could’ve gotten answers but how is he going to remember it after 2 bottles of wine…
Runningsoft 1 week
One of Theo's pitfalls is his usage of alcohol to suppress his deepest feelings. Let's see if his will to discover what he truly wants will be hampered by the wine...
Built4com4t 1 month
Ch 40 stunningly erotic…well done
Runningsoft 1 month
Thank you - more to come in the finale of this story...
Bbman30 1 month
I wonder if he’ll think to set up cameras in his apartment…page 40 was great
Runningsoft 1 month
Oh, Theo is too busy for cameras, but will soon find out just what's going on after he takes those pills..
TCC 2 months
Cannot wait for the clear picture of where the heck he's going at night. Collecting all the clues over here lol
Runningsoft 2 months
If you have been collecting the clues, you'll start seeing the puzzle pieces fit. But will Theo....?
TCC 2 months
His brains so flooded with wine. He's getting there though. I'm tracking that delivery boy everytime he pops up.
Runningsoft 1 month
Theo does use his wine to relax from the stressors of life, but pay attention to Bryce, the delivery boy...
Letters And ... 2 months
Somethin’ weirds goin on!
Runningsoft 2 months
Definitely, Theo is beginning to see a pattern and will shortly see the pieces slide into place. But, will he like what he learns...?
Runningsoft 2 months
Definitely, Theo is beginning to see a pattern and will shortly see the pieces slide into place. But, will he like what he learns...?
TLambert20 3 months
I honestly am loving this story. It’s kept me so captivated. Can’t wait for more!
Runningsoft 3 months
Thank you and you’re welcome. Theo is getting closer to the truth of his time lapses…
TCC 3 months
Great update. Appreciating the time taken with this. Leaving me so curious.
TheFattenedClam 4 months
Really starting to pick up, and such good writing!! So excited to see where this goes!!
Stonedfatty 4 months
6,7,and 8 are all the same chapters
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