the reunion

Chapter 1

“No, I just don’t think that I’m gonna get around to the reunion this year,” said Sarah staring down at her lunch. “Oh, come on Sarah don’t make me go alone again, you’ve not gone to any of them yet” pleaded Jennifer, Sarah’s best friend. “You know how busy I am at my job at the accounting firm that I just can’t make it, Sarah said as she looked away to hide her lying face from Jennifer. “Sarah we both know that you could take at least one night off of work to come down and have some fun with me, please,” Jennifer begged, looking at Sarah with big round puppy dog eyes. Jennifer knew just how to press Sarah’s buttons to get her to go have fun with her, but Sarah knew the true reason she was unwilling to go to her high school reunion despite it being the town she still lived in. Her weight.

The years after high school were not easy on the young girl's waistline. In high school she weighed no more than 125 pounds, where most of her weight was in her lower body with a thick, lean lower body, present abs, and toned arms. She was a star soccer player, ranked in the top of the state for her position. But in the second round of the playoffs the team lost, ending her high school career. Although she enjoyed soccer, she was almost relieved that it was over, no more grueling workouts, proper dieting, and missing out on parties, she could just be a normal high school girl.

The ending of her athletic career was a blessing and a curse, she sure went to those parties and effectively stopped working out entirely, but her waistline began growing from all the extra calories of alcohol and not hitting the gym. Before the start of her first year at college, Sarah had hit her freshman 15 before stepping on campus and that was only the beginning. 4 years of frat parties, unlimited food at the dining hall, and high stress of exams and homework only worsened the problem. She had gained over 100 pounds since the day of her high school graduation. Yet the weight management issue did not end at college, Sarah’s major was accounting where she eventually got a job at a very successful accounting agency in town. It was great for her bank account, but the long hours caused her to have to eat out, be sedentary, and never go to the gym. All these poor habits cause havoc in Sarah’s ever expanding waist band causing her to gain another 100 pounds since graduating college.

Sarah knew that going to the reunion was a bad idea, everyone was looking for the athletic girl that got huge and let her self-go. Besides her career there was nothing outside of work to show off beside her massive belly and fat ass. “Jennifer, do I have to spell it out for you, I mean come on look at me, not exactly the same girl as when I was 18.” With Sarah gesturing to her expanding form. “Yeah, you’re better and you need to come tonight” pleaded Jennifer. Sarah knew that Jennifer would never understand what it was like to be in her position. Jennifer was the fat one in high school, nowhere near how large Sarah was, and had lost weight looking amazing. During high school she walked around at almost 175lbs combined with her short stature made for a round chubby girl. But I’m college she started dieting, exercising, got married to a wonderful doctor, and got her masters. Jennifer had no reason not to want to go. “I just don’t want to be embarrassed when I’m there,” mumbled Sarah but loud enough that Jennifer could hear. “Okay fine I’ll make you a deal, if you go to this reunion and we’ll leave after 1 hour, unless you want to stay longer,” said Jennifer with her eyebrow raised. “Then I’ll go to 5 different events that you want to do no questions asked.” Sarah was surprised, she hadn’t realized that it was this big of a deal for Jennifer that she would give up 5 events. “Fine I’ll go, but only for an hour then we’re leaving” said Sarah sternly.
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Monday Io 1 day
Fantastic story loved it
Charles1001 2 weeks
There is not chapter 37, but chapter 36 is doubled.
Can you arrange please?
Thanks and congrats on being an absolutely great writter.
Tonyperkis 2 weeks
Yes I’m not sure what happened but it is fixed now
Charlylovesbbw 2 weeks
This is some fantastic writing, I might be as addicted to reading this as Sarah is to food at this point!
Batman 3 weeks
Loving this story so far, will Jennifer come back?
Tonyperkis 3 weeks
Yes, she has been away on business for a while and hasn’t seen the new Sarah quite yet
1goldleader 3 weeks
Absolutely FANTASTIC story! Would love to read Stewart’s and Sarah’s reactions to her finally fitting those 550lb capacity undergarments!
Charles1001 3 weeks
This is an incredible story!
I love so much and cannot wait on Sasha and Stacy developments...
Tonyperkis 3 weeks
Sarah and Stacy still have plenty of weight to gain before the story is over
ConJohn 3 weeks
This is a fun read so far. Keep up the great storytelling.
Tonyperkis 3 weeks
It’s my first story but thank you for the feedback
Makeme300 4 weeks
Hope she gains another 200lbs. This is hot. Stuart must buy a bigger car
Tonyperkis 4 weeks
Thanks for the feedback, Sarah’s weight gain with Stewart is just beginning
Lpark435 1 month
Looking forward to reading more.