A Gaining Friendship: The Gaining Years

Chapter 1

It had been 4 years since Rex and Penny had met again at her parents house, and his gaining progress had been fantastic. He had gone from 140 pounds to 180 pounds in the course of four years and all the fat went straight to his midsection. His belly swelled out in front of him and it bowed perfectly. His stomach would growl as soon as he woke up and his penis would turn hard after he was done eating. They had gotten married two years after they met at her house and the wedding was spectactular. Filled with booze and family along with several of Pennys FA friends and some of Rex's co-workers from the station. Sarah, one of Pennys friends was there. Her fiance was 260 pounds and had a giggantic belly that swayed when he walked, or more or less waddled. He didnt carry his weight very well. He wasn't like Rex, he didnt have huge biceps or well formed delts and pecs like Rex had, but Tim was an excellent lover and a very obedient feedee. Rex had leanred to be a good feedee by takeing tips from Tim, and Penny took tips from Sarah. It wasnt long before Rex had grown a nice little belly of his own.

"Rex get up your gunna be late for work." She said as she got dressed.

"I am awake but I want to sleep." He grumbbled at her. He just rolled over and faced the wall. The fan beat cold air at him and he snuggled up into the comforter to keep warm, despite all the fat that he had accumulated he was still easily chilled to the bone.

"Oh jeez your gunna fight with me again aren't you?"

"No. Not really. I'm just tired."

"Then go to bed early then." She said as she sat down on the bed and leaned on him. He moaned and smiled as he felt her hand creep across his belly, then..."Smack!". His belly jiggled and bounced as his fat rippled across his tummy.

"Damn that hurt! Why'd you do that?!" He exclaimed as he rolled over to face her.

"Cause you need to get that fat ass of your up and get ready for work. People need your help and they need you to save them." She said. "Your my big firefighter man." She smiled.

"Well duh people need my help but I need my sleep. I cant help if I'm tired."

"Drink coffee."

"I dont want to. How about them apples! Hahah!" He chuckled at his joke, quite proud of himself.

"I bet your proud of yourself." She said with her hands on her hips. She was not as amused as he was, and her patience was running thin. "Get...UP!" She pounced on him and grabbed him by the chest and belly and rolle dhim around on the bed till they were both panting and smileing.

"Fine I'll get up I guess. But I'm not doing it becaus eyou tackled me I'm doing this because I chose to get up, without you forceing me." Thats was a lie if he ever told one. He got up and stretched. His back arched and his belly stuck out and snaps and pops erupted from him. He pulled on his blue Dickey like pants and put a belt on. He winched at the fact that his belt was cutting into his softbelly and leaving marks that would stay on him till he rubbed the red marks out. After he finished getting dressed he snapped his radio to his hips and walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. He looked at the oven clock and just about shit his pants when he realized it was seven nineteen. he had to be at work by seven twenty. Lucky for him "going" to work meant hopping in his car and driving a quarter mile down the road.

"Hey hun I gotta run." He said as he reached for his jacket and walked toward the door. "Love you have a good day babe, see ya when I get home." That meant she'd see him around 5ish even though he got out at three.

"I dont get a hug or kiss?" Sh easked with her ears pinned back and frown on her face. She often worried that someday he wouldnt come back, atleast not alive. He did the most dangerous jobs that any firefighter could do. He was down right crazy.

"Sorry." he ran over to her and did a one armed hug and a kiss and took off toward the door in a hurry. The door slammed shut as he left and hurried up the stairs out of his apartment and into his truck.
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Ilikemalebel... 11 years
Aww thanks, I haven't written in about 8 months but since my bf is gone I have to start writing again smiley
FrecherTyp 11 years
a nice start i hope there comes more ;-) and of course more evil feeding of his nice girl ^^ hehe