twice a knight

chapter 1

He eyed the pile of freshly polished armor with distrust. He knew it was his duty to put it on, but he knew it had been several years since he had last worn it and his high living showed ample evidence on his once athletic frame.

His mistress, Chloe, stood behind him with her arms folded across her chest disapprovingly. "Do you have to do this, your majesty? You're old enough that you shouldn't have to prove yourself jousting and fighting. You've already made a reputation for yourself..."

"Maybe so...maybe not...still not sure about this whole thing." he said shaking his head as he tugged on the armor's straps. "Look at me. " He sighed as he felt the small woman's arms circle around him, her fingers gently cupping his belly from below. It's almost as if she had encouraged him to this size just so he wouldn't go out and fight. Impossible, he thought. And so he continued struggling. At last he was able to fasten the mail coverlet over his belly and felt it squish his soft gut down over his achingly tight belt.

She stood back to admire him and licked her lip lightly, smiling. "My love, you look like a metal encased sausage...I'm sorry," She kissed his lips "But you do..."

"I can hardly move" he groaned as the metal cut into his skin "how am I going to fight like this?" He tried moving his sword arm and felt his belly slide across his belt as it dug up into his most sensitive crease. As the pain shot through him his sword slipped from his hand. Lowering himself carefully to pick it up, he realized he couldn't get back up. "Stopping laughing at me and help me" he said.

Trying to choke back her laughter and tears she unbuckled his belt with much difficulty, picked up his sword, and helped him stand. "How are you going to fight? You're disarming yourself!" She blushed and lowered her eyes as he glared at her, the pride of his younger days in his eyes. "I am sorry my lord. It isn't my place to speak to you so."

He groaned as he felt her loosen his belt and his insides open up. "It's every bit your place to chide me, my love. Maybe this is not such a good idea after all" he shook his head ruefully as she smiled at him. As much as I'd love to charge into battle for you again, maybe I'll hire someone to do it. I'm just too old and certainly much too fat. I can't believe how big I've grown. "

"You are not old, love." She left the fat part alone, for now. "But I will do this my lord...I shall tell the cooks to make less food, and the food that they make less fattening. It is a year until the next tourney, so you can try to lose the weight, and if not, just hire someone. It isn't really healthy to be this unfit..."

She said this, her voice and body language making it true, but her mind knew that when he rolled into bed, his belly squeezing up against her, she felt wonderful. Then again, if he put on some more muscle tone he might be even better in bed...a dilemma.

He nodded at her wisdom. "Let it be so. In a years time I will be muscular and fit, and this armor will once again fit me like your beautiful hand fits in your soft glove." He tried to unbuckle the chain coverlet and found the leather straps had pulled into untieable knots. "Help me, my lady. I seem to be stuck"

Pulling her belt knife out, she cut the leather straps, knowing she could get them replaced. "This reminds me of our first night together...although it was you, not me, and you used your bare hands, not a knife to take my clothes off..." She smiled at him, her eyes smouldering. She knew if he tried to rip her clothes off he would probably fail, but that didn't detract from his appeal in any way^

He felt his flesh balloon out as she cut the straps. "I remember well our night of bliss" he said, desiring her again. "I was strong and young and we were like animals." As she helped him slip off the mail he turned in her arms and felt his belly brush against her gown.

She shivered and grabbed his paunch. "You are still young and strong, milord." She leaned into him, her breath quickening, as his arms wrapped around her.

He shuddered as he felt her squeeze his hanging flesh. He kissed her, overwhelmed by her hands running over his fatness. "You appear to enjoy my size, how is it that I will lose this girth and still please you?" He hoped she would continue, since he had become fat, his skin was ever more sensitive and just the act of moving through the castle on his errands aroused him. Feeling his fat move and sway as he walked was overwhelmingly erotic.

How could she answer that? "I enjoy you at any size, love. I've always loved your body. When we first met you were so fit and slim and you could defeat anyone." It was true - even at his fittest, her majesty had taken such verbal delight as she ran her hands over his rock hard stomach and broad back. The only difference was that now his arms were soft, his broad sides sported love handles and his belly was immense. No wonder she no longer had any desire to be with him...only this small young maid who worshipped him. He frowned.
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Lizzyny 3 years
Every time I read this one I get weak in the knees. Loved it.
Juicy 4 years
All these years later, and even the first page is arousing! smiley
Story Consul... 7 years
looking forward to read more
Juicy 7 years
A complete and utter joy to read, and so sensual. You never miss, Built.
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You write the best stories!