2 brothers girlfriends

Chapter 1 - kristi

"Jesus, just look at her." The text message was from Kristi's boyfriend, Jake. He was obviously referring to the plumped up girl across the table from them. It was Thanksgiving and Jake and Kristi were enjoying their dinner with Matt and Amber at Jake and Matt's parent's house. The two couples were sitting across from each other with only the hearty meal between them. Jake and Matt were separated by only a couple years, but both of them were described as athletes by most people these days. It was as if fat couldn't find a place to stay on either of their bodies and chose to just get burned instead of trying to get stored anywhere. The same could be said for Jake's girlfriend Kristi. Amber on the other hand, was the outlier of the group. Had this been dinner three years ago it would be a different story, back in the day she was drop dead gorgeous with long curly brown hair and the figure you'd see in most magazines. Time went by though and the pounds piled on, even when Jake and Kristi started dating a year ago she was what most would consider chubby. But that was a year ago, now she'd just be considered fat.

Eating lightly so she wouldn't ruin her diet, despite being a holiday well known for food babies and stuffed guts, Kristi stared in amazement as Amber shoveled food into her mouth. Kristi felt quite bad for Matt and couldn't believe how he was putting up with the rapid growth of his girlfriend. Placing her napkin on her plate Kristi excused herself from the table.

"Done already?" Amber asked through a mouthful of potatoes. "There's still pie to be eaten."

Kristi stared her down, noting how her stuffed belly was now peeking out the bottom of her shirt. "I think I'll be okay, I don't want to make a pig of myself." The last part of the statement was meant to be a hint for Amber and her eating habits but as Kristi walked into the kitchen she heard Amber ask for a slice of pecan pie and some ice cream.

Dinner died down and the clock was just ticking past 8:00 p.m. The couples were spending the night at the folks' house and driving back home early in the morning. Despite growing up in the same household the two brothers had ended up buying homes in the same area, nearly 5 minutes apart. Kristi was stripping down to her underwear and Jake was lying in bed reading a magazine.

"Can you believe her?" Kristi asked. "Like seriously? She didn't say a single word other than 'pass this' or 'pass that' the entire meal because she was eating like she never would eat again."

"mhmm babe," Jake responded as he set the magazine aside. "3 years into a relationship has taken its toll on her body, then again a year had also taken a toll on it too." Jake stretched in bed and motioned for Kristi to come closer. "Thank god I found the one girl who doesn't gain weight the second she gets into a serious relationship."

"Oh god, don't even talk like that," Kristi said with fear. "If I even put on 10 pounds I'd freak out! I don't know how she leaves the house looking like she does now. How much has she put on in the three years they've been dating?"

"I try not to pay attention, but if I had to guess I'd have to say close to 100 pounds." Jake answered with a hint of disgust in his voice. The two got close and chuckled slightly at the unfortunate waistline of Matt's Girlfriend.
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Chasingfall 8 years
Nice escalation! The brevity of this chapter does not take away from the quality.

Having Jake's situation grow darker certainly isn't a bad idea.

Thanks for the update.
Jazzman 8 years
I Liked it a Lot! What was Amber's previous high? 230 something? Can't remember.
LuckyDude 8 years
I got bored and whipped out this chapter (Amber 7) fairly quick so I apologize if it's not what you were hoping for
Chriskin8 8 years
So we're expecting more I hope smiley
LuckyDude 8 years
Thanks for the positive feedback though everyone
LuckyDude 8 years
@chasingfall, I'm not into Male gaining either but felt it would add something "darker" to it. Also, it adds something for those that do enjoy it. It definitely wont be a focus though.
Chasingfall 8 years
Apparently there are character limits on comments.

The rest should read: ...regardless!

Chasingfall 8 years
YYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! He's back! I thought that this story was dead for sure!

The recent additions are excellent! I don't really care for Jake's gain, and I was hoping for some triangle to form between Amber, Kristi, and Matt, but this story is killer r
SLewTalks2U 9 years
Seriously, such a great story, I hope you can continue it! One of the best I've read in a while!
Champ 9 years
Most excellent!
Fluffybunny12 9 years
Probably the best story that's ever been on here. I've been on here for years and have read almost all of them. Very well written and actually has depth, character, and plot development.
Chriskin8 9 years
Would love to see Kristi gain back all the weight she lost and then some as well as maybe a few more moments of weakness with amber
Jazzman 9 years
Oh Nice plot twist especially the last paragraph! smiley
Chriskin8 9 years
Can't wait for more
Bobbyfad 9 years
Good new addition
Denbu 10 years
I really hope you continue this soon, it's easily one of the best I've read in a very long time.
Xandercroft 10 years
you have to contine this story !
Freddy 10 years
plase continue smiley
LuckyDude 10 years
Thanks for the comments everyone
Jazzman 10 years
Worth the wait for Sure!