A slave fantasy

Chapter 1

The heavy metal bra dug into Fia’s flesh as it was draped over her breasts. Her boobs were only half the size of the metal item.

Fia looked down seeing at least two inches between her flesh and the large round shapes that encompassed them. She felt hands kneading her belly and thighs testing their shape and texture.

It had been two months since she had come into the house of the highest ranking officer in Rome. He was often away traveling with his troops, but he had left stern orders that his new slaves be up to being shown when he returned. And that meant filling that bra!

Fia had never expected this when she was stolen away from her family one year ago. A rough year with countless pains and tortures. Whipping, beatings and hard labor were her lot until she was picked out from a line up out side of the city and brought to this place.

She knew that when the master arrived he would only allow those who met the costume requirements to be in the hall of celebration with him to entertain. The rest of the female slaves would be on kitchen duty for the rest of their time.

It was for this reason that when the food cart came the next morning Fia raced to be the first seated and ready to receive the days food. By sitting near the entrance to the slave quarters she could accept food and eat as much as she could hold.

The morning cart arrived and she was ready at a chez lounge near the kitchen entrance. 12 soft-boiled eggs and a stack of buttered toast were pulled from the cart for her. She ate them with great gusto. Finishing before the cart had made it’s round. The next cart held pastries, Danishes; she ate 6, sausages, 10 large made there way to her plate. She ate knowing that if she didn’t she would be working hard labor in a short 8 weeks when the master came home. The next round was fried potatoes and onions, bacon and hot creamed coffee.

Her belly was starting to be hard and round. The layer of fat she had gained was nothing next to the size she was going to have to be to fit in to that costume. She called the food runner over asking for a helping of buttered croissants. She had a half stick of butter there with her and she cut thick slices to eat with her light and flaky pastries.

The tightness is her belly continued to grow as, with no break, the staff started to bring lunch in to the hall.

Slave girls were all seated all around the hall and they were all sporting large round bellies, trying to be one of the girls who would fill the golden bra and be given a life of luxury in the great hall of entertaining.

Fia saw all the straining bellies and doubled her efforts. Large plates of meat were being brought through and she took large helping from each tray. Six chicken breasts three T- bone stakes and two whole salmon fillets were placed in front of her. She ate her way through it until she was panting, so full, so swollen. She leaned back against her reclining chair and was blessed by the sound of the noonday nap bell. All the girls were required to rest from noon until two to ensure proper digestion of all that food.

Fia panted as she tried to get comfortable with her huge engorged belly. As the Overseer walked her way she tried to look composed but the slightest move caused her to gasp. The Overseer approached and took her stuffed middle in his hands.

“Good, very good”

He said probing her middle to her discomfort and thrill as she felt her sensitive flesh being tested and rubbed.

“ Special treatment”

He bellowed.

Immediately two round fleshy girls ran up and started to rub Fia’s belly and cause her to burp, to her embarrassment, and their giggles.

Soon they were feeding her soft melting chocolates, a new truffle every few moments as they rubbed her belly with oil and prepped her for the afternoons feast.

Just when Fia thought she could eat no more the afternoon feast arrived.

Her assistants fed her noodles in cream sauce and fresh garlic bread, she truly couldn’t move when they had finished with her. Her belly was tight and shiny and she was lying flat on her back looking at the orb above her.
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15 years
Nice idea.... one point though.... The Romans didn't have Potatoes or Chocolate...... poor things, missing out on two of the essential food groups.....
15 years
Wow... I believe this style of writing works well for you... Keep it up!