Quick fantasy

Chapter 1

Dave was sitting on the couch, again.

His jeans were digging into his considerable middle and he struggled to wiggle his fingers in to pull the button open. His belly heaved forth, bursting the constraints of his too tight jeans. He knew he should buy a bigger pair, but he kept hoping that some miracle would occur that would shrink him back down. He was getting fat and he knew it. The end of the summer after 6 months working a labour job outdoors he was trim and fit, but that was four long months ago. He hadn't been able to find work in the fall and had no choice but to fall back on his savings. He felt really lucky that is girlfriend had a great job. She was a media consultant for a big wig lawyer and she made great money and she didn't mind sharing.

The summer had ended and Dave had looked for work, but when nothing came up he spent more and more time at home waiting for Melissa to get home, but she often worked late. He would make these huge meals. Just today he had made a pork roast, creamy pasta, cesar salad, only to have her call and tell him that, yet again, she would be working late. Lonely and bored Dave had cracked a beer and tucked into the meal. Turning on the game, he munched away, boy was it good. Four beers later he had polished off the whole dinner, not even a scrap left over.

For the fourth time this week, he pulled his stuffed belly off the couch and forced him self to clean the kitchen so his gluttony would not be known. He was planning to tell Melissa he had just had a can of soup.

His belly ached from his gorging. He grabbed a couple more beers and sank greatfully back into the couch. Ahhh.... he groaned. He quickly chugged back one of his drinks and then the other. The alcohol made him feel relaxed and he let his belly hang out freely. He loved food and he loved beer. He even loved the feeling of being really full. But he felt so naughty stuffing himself silly while Melissa worked. She didn't want a fatty and that was what he was quickly becomming. He stroked his belly giving it a poke and feeling the flesh give, he was so soft. His last thought before he passed out was that tomorrow he would begin his diet and lose the gut.

Melissa arrived home and peeked into the den. There was Dave passed out on the couch, again. She looking over and her eyes grew wide. His jeans were unbuttoned and his tee shirt had ridden up. She knew he'd been "putting on a few" but his belly was huge, way bigger then she expected. In his slumber he made no attempt to pull it in and it was round like a beach ball. Melissa sighed and walked in to get a better look. Wow, he was really getting chubby. He wasn't very tall, only 5ft 8in and she'd guess he'd added at least 30 pounds in the last four months. She knew he was getting unconfortable with the gain, and he had abviously been straining to hold his gut in as it had never looked so round as it did now in slumber.
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Built4com4t 5 years
Still wonderful...a couple more chapters wouldn't hurt ;-)
FrecherTyp 9 years
soo lovely again ;-)
FrecherTyp 9 years
i could absolutely do that right now ,-) lol
FrecherTyp 12 years
oh that was nice very hot! story hehe like that he tries to hide his belly under his shirt and canĀ“t no more hehe please do more and make it slow ;-)
Ilikemalebel... 12 years
So good continue!
Built4com4t 12 years
very good... a sexy, enjoyable read
Chubbybellygirl 12 years
Thanks, glad you liked it!