Right now...

Chapter 1 - its that time of year

Oh my aching belly.

10 days of stuffing tight. My girlfriend up to visit me out in the country. She just dumped her latest hot thing, cause "he's not the one" (no kidding, but he was HOT!)

She arrived and I could see she had already gained 5 pounds since I had seen her two weeks ago. Her tight body had a little paunch.

By day 3 of her stay I new she was on a massive binge. She was eating her blues away.

And when I say eating I mean EATING. She packed it in everyday: lattee's, waffles, fried eggs, multiple pieces of toast with butter were just the start of each day.

After the first week, her bra was not containing her breasts, they spilled out under her tee-shirt in all directions. Her middle never deflated as she stuffed and stuffed. Every night she finished her night with 4 beer or cider and rubbing her distended gut she would drag herself off to bed.

I felt a bit superior as I watched her rash behaviour, but then a cold day had me pulling on a pair of jeans for the first time in a few weeks. I had to suck it in an pull to get the button shut. Wow, I obviously haven't been being as restrained as I thought.

With the knowledge that I was chubbing up already I had an even harder time at turning down the pizza, sandwiches, cookies, and chips that my friend offered up.

After two weeks the last day of her stay arrived today. I had to go out for 5 hours and when I returned I could believe what I saw. She looked like a stuffed sausage.

Her belly so round and bloated that she looked 7 months pregnant. I looked around the kitchen and realized that a loaf of bread, a jumbo box of cereal, 2 litres of milk, a bag of chips, a block of cheese and half a block of butter were gone. I'm sure there were other less obvious items that added to her enormous stuff. She didn't say anything about her obvious state just chatted casually. Then actually asked when dinner was. We shared a last meal together came and she ate a huge portion of fish and chips.

Finally as we sat in the yard afterwards she rubbed her huge round belly and said, "Can you believe it. I have to stop doing this when I get home" and she laughed." Back to the gym for me" She dragged herself into her car and drove away.

In the two weeks she was here she easily gained 15 pounds.

Her body looked entirely different. Fleshy belly protruding before her, rounder butt and boobs that strained all her shirts. Face round and full, thick love handles spilling off her sides.

But back to me, as I sit here confession to those who get it:

I am as stuffed as stuffed can be. After my friend drove off I step on my scale and see that 9 pounds have settled on my little frame. I feel the need to indulge as I munch through 4 bowls of cereal, 4 pieces of toast and 2 ciders.

My jeans strain painfully around my middle and feel so much better as I reach under my round tummy and fish for the button. It gives and my belly springs forth into my lap begging to be rubbed and touched. My thickened middle sensitive and as bloated as can be. Round chubby flesh coating a stuffed tight round gut.

Time to say goodnight all and enjoy myself, happy endings...
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