His way to fulfillment

Chapter 1

I’m writing to you from my laptop as I sit in this very fancy hotel room my company has booked me into for three month. I want to tell you about my new belly, a round soft belly that spills well over the waste-band of my size six stretchy jammy bottoms.

Since taking on my new job as an executive assistant to Mr. Lee I have been traveling constantly. These few months in his home country of South Korea seemed like a welcome rest from airports and train stations. Little did I know these months would change everything.

Mr. Lee is a prominent businessman, hansom and a formidable presence at over 6 feet tall and a thick, strong build. He is in his early 40’s and has made his vast fortune early on in his career.

Now he travels the world on behalf of his charity that consults with businesses to promote environmental practices.

On the plane ride to Korea he told me that dining was a huge part of Korean life-style and that we would be meeting with many important people over our meals. He told me that if I was squeamish about some of the dishes, such as fermented skate, I didn’t have to eat them, but to be sure to keep eating steadily through out the meal to show respect for the host.

Straight from the airport we were greeted and taken out for our first Korean BBQ meal. Fresh meats were grilled over open flames in front of us placed on our plates where we wrapped them in sesame leaves and added Kimchi (fermented cabbage dish like spicy coleslaw).

We talked for hours and the food kept flowing, the fresh leaves and light taste of the Kimchi tricked me into thinking I was eating a reasonable amount, until jet lag got the better of me and I stifled a yawn. Drawing a big breath in was difficult, and I realized that my belly was very full and bloated. Just at that moment, another huge plate of meat arrived and four more pieces were cooked up and placed on my plate. I tried to eat slowly, stopping to sip my Korean wine and chat yet the pressure in my belly grew and I thanked my lucky stars I was wearing a stretchy dress. Just when I thought I was going to have to be rude and refuse the next round of beef, the waitress covered the BBQ and it seemed the meal was over. I sighed a sigh of relief.

I was confused when I was asked whether I would like cold or hot noodles. More food! I gasped as a huge serving size bowl of noodles, whole eggs and veggies was placed in front of me. Our host explained that the noodles were important for proper digestion of the meats. When I comment that my bowl was large, he just laughed and said:

“That’s the small.”
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Psyman 15 years
Yes the Korean details were excellent! Very sexy, love the stuffing and belly play!
Built4com4t 15 years
great detail, gently erotic, beautifully written. love your showing us another culture and making it believable. keep writing.
15 years
This one gets the Phun seal of approval...... smiley