A year in the life

Chapter 1

Oh, my stuffed belly strains against my skin, pants long since opened as this nights feeding as proceeded.

I’m 27 and recently discovered the joys of fulfilling a life-long fascination of a full, round, belly.

At 5’5” and averaging 122lb I have been slender all my life, easily fitting in to size five pants…until last year.

I got married and did a month boot camp to look good in the wedding pictures, after a month of hard running and eating right I was down to 118 pound and looked toned and thin. As soon as the wedding was over we left for our honeymoon, at an all included hotel resort in the Canary Islands. Well,the diet was off and the buffet was on. I ate and ate and drank, and drank.

Long days started with eggs benny’s, bacon, buttery toast and pastries.

Lunches of ham, potatoes, egg salad, macaroni, cakes and hot coffee and double cream

Dinner feasts of game hens, beef roasts, Yorkshire puddings, steamed veggies with butter, broccoli and cheese sauce… mmmmm. After a month of starving I felt I deserved a break, and how much could two weeks of a solid filled belly really affect me?

My new hubby loves food and was encouraging me to refill my plate, giving himself time to round out his gut until it strained against his t-shirt. By day ten of our holiday I was surprised to catch a side view of my honey and see a hard round ball jutting out in front of him. I gave it a little rub and said:

“Guess we’ll be back on the diets when we get home”

He smiled and in a non-committed said, “If you want,” and grabbed me throwing me down on the bed using that belly to pin me to the mattress.

Our holiday ended and we left the warm weather behind and returned home where long pants and sweaters are a must. It was then that I got the first hint of what those indulgent days had done to my waste-line. I could barely close my pants and my belly hung over the top a solid inch. I decided that I needed to know where I was at so I stopped by the store and picked up a bathroom scale. I got it home and hopped on it. 130 it read, wow 12 pounds in 14 days, it seemed almost impossible. I vowed to change my habits and get back to the gym, immediately!

When hubby got home that night I told him my predicament. He grabbed me and said:

“ I think you look great, those pounds round you out nicely,”

“What?” I replied

“I like your little tummy” He said,

I wasn’t sure what to make of that, but felt better all the same being encouraged to like my roundness.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
a really lovely story ;-)
KernelPanic 15 years
Wow,fantastic stories smiley makes me wonder what it would be like in a few more months of good treatment from your husband smiley
Chubbybellygirl 16 years
Thanks for the nice comments. This story has some true elements, and some fantasy, you'll have to guess what's what smiley
p.s. sorry about the typos!
Dale28311 16 years
Nicely done. Any part a true story?
Td0057 16 years
Fantastic Story! I like the style you use to write, and the fact that the lady liked the process of gaining. Thanks for posting, and write some more please.