The secret is out

Chapter 1

So it’s true I’m fat. I sit here with a nice round full belly spilling over the tops of my jeans, and resting lightly on the tops of my legs for the first time and I am inspired to tell you about my last 6 months…

It all started with the summer season coming along and, as usual, I dug out my box of summer clothes. I grabbed my favorite jean cut offs and pulled them on. I was shocked when they came to a stop at my bottom and I had to wiggle and dance around to get them up over my round ass. Once I had them on I pulled the fly shut with great difficulty and when the button was done up there was a small roll of flesh folding over the waste band. I was shocked. I rushed to the bathroom and dug the scale out from under the sink. 140 it read. Wow, That’s about 10 pounds more then my usual winter hibernation weight. I rubbed my little belly wondering how I could have missed what now seems too obvious. I’m gaining weight. “You’ve got to get on top of this Ali,” I told myself.

The next day I had a little time at home and decided to go on line to get a little inspiration for my new diet and exercise plan, I had to get back in shape fast. I didn’t want my hubby to start teasing me about my chub…

I looked at a few diet sites and they were boring and said what I already knew, eat less exercise more, Ho, hum

Then I had the inspired idea to look at other chubby bellies on youtube to get myself freaked out and inspire me to want to look better then some fat girl. I typed in “lose my fat belly” and soon was looking at many chubby tummies in various states of undress with the girls showing pictures of the old skinny them or a talking about their weight loss plan.

It was this moment that was the start of a whole new indulgence…

I clicked on one of the related links and instead of a girl poking and hating her gut I found a video of a young woman rubbing and loving her round tubby middle. I was transfixed. Two hours later I was rubbing my belly along with the women in the videos. I was fascinated by their enjoyment and I found I couldn’t keep my hands off my pudge. I pinched at my sides feeling the thickness of flesh.

I felt my stomach rumble as I realized I had missed lunch in my fascination. I went to the kitchen and begun my first feeding. I made three grilled cheese sandwiches and opened a can of soda and sat back down to watch more belly videos. Three cans of soda later my belly was as tight as a drum. It felt sooo good. I rubbed it and shook it. I decided to go a little further and got a tub of ice cream out of the fridge, chocolate ripple, and spooned large scoops into my mouth. I realized I had reached my max and I felt an over whelming need to rest. I walked slowly to my room and flopped on the bed, quickly falling into a food induced slumber.
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