A special delivery

Chapter One (part 1)

I was out on delivery for the sub shop I worked for. I was looking for a specific shop on the main downtown street, someplace called Perfection Confections. When I found it, it of course turned out to be a candy and donut shop. They had all manner of baked goods and it all looked delicious. The order was for a girl named Brit.

I entered, causing the overhead bell to ring, and approached the counter, but there was no one in sight. I stood there a moment, and decided on a course of action.

“Hello?” I called. “I have an order here for Brit?”

A very soft voice came from the back. “Come on back!” She sounded really cute, if that makes any sense, I thought to myself.

I rounded the counter and passed through the saloon-style half doors into the kitchen, and was greeted by the most beautiful sight.

She was sitting in a chair, next to a prep table with some drying chocolates. She had remains of chocolate on her cheeks and on her lips, which were plump, pursed, and perfect. Her chubby cheeks framed a smiling face, obviously stoned. Her blue eyes and golden hair stunned me into a momentary paralysis. She was gorgeous.

Not only that, but she was also obviously quite gorged. She was rotund and lovely, bulging and rounded on every angle. Her jeans appeared so tight as to become a second skin, in obvious danger of bursting. Her calves were chubby, her thighs enormous, and her ass was almost a work of art, so large and yet so spherical.

Her belly…oh, her belly….it was epic. She had obviously been stuffing herself with chocolates, and her abdomen was distended and bulged forth dangerously. Her pants, fastened under the belly, forced the enormous gut up and out, and her blouse was several inches shy of covering it. It seemed to be straining the blouse, as around the hem her fat bulged forth in an even more sensual arc, and the buttons seemed to dig in to her gut. Her belly button was visible, and it was deep and inviting.

On top of this glorious mound of girl-blubber laid two of the fattest breasts I had ever seen. They were pert despite their size, and seemed to be even beyond the size of her head. I couldn’t tell, as they were covered, but they were obviously gigantic. And not only that, but also obvious were her fat nipples. This is because meanwhile in Brit’s head, I found out later, lustful thoughts were running rampant. She was turned on due to her obvious display of gluttony. Brittany loved to gorge herself, because she loved being soft and jiggly, and getting bigger and softer and more jiggly. And she wanted to grow and grow until all she could reach would be her soft enormous body, but being realistic had settled on being only enormous enough to just start having trouble walking.

On this day she had already been gorging herself for almost three years. She started out a slim thing, the pride of her high school. At 18, she was 125. When she realized her desires one night while painfully stuffed after a drunken binge, she began to furiously gorge herself regularly. By 19, she had gained 55 pounds and weighed in at 180. She was nowhere near done, she realized. The more she ate and stuffed herself and came while masturbating to her gluttony, the more she realized just how big she wanted to be. She wanted to break chairs. She wanted to get stuck in doors. She wanted to burst her clothing and make a complete pig of herself on the regular.

On this day, she had met the man who would support that idea. She was now 21, and tipping the scales at almost 290lbs. Her weight had caused her body to billow outwards in all directions, and she loved it. She was a short girl at only 5’2, which caused her body to have to squeeze more fat into a smaller area. As such, her boobs and ass and belly had become enormous. She loved every minute of it. It made her wet every time she got stuck somewhere or had difficulty doing something or got off the scale and peered over her belly at the ever-higher numbers.

As I handed her the bag with several sandwiches in it, a thought occurred to me. These sandwiches are all for her. I had assumed that since it was a business several people were ordering together but this girl was going to eat four subs. I eyed her belly, seductively swollen out of her shirt, and doubted if the shirt would survive the sandwiches.

She must have noticed my endless hesitation, because she eventually said, “So….how much is it?” As she reached into her pocket, an impressive feat for one of such lovely pudgy hands and such unimaginably tight pants, her bust shimmied and plopped. I was unable to speak. She had walked out of one of my fantasies.

My cock was about to burst some fabric as well. I am not a small boy, and this girl’s obvious recent growth and exposed plumpened flesh had brought me to a state of solidness I had not felt in ages. She giggled, and I noticed that she was eyeing my crotch. Her breasts bounced. Subliminally, I recorded the motion of those gelatinous orbs of fleshy female goodness. I twitched.
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