chapter 1 - a feedee should always be thinking about being fatter.

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My sweet girlfriend, swollen and fat as a whale, waddled her sexy ass over to the counter, and whomped her overgrown belly down on it.

“I am fucking starving...please feed me.”

She looked at me devilishly, her pigtails thick and cute behind her, and placed one plump hand on her jutting, rotund midsection. She knew exactly what she was doing to me.

She'd grown so much from the curvy but skinny girl I'd met years before. Her appetite had been awakened by my caressing of her wonderful soft skin over the years...her tummy growled with voracious hunger. She was fatter than she'd ever been before, and growing bigger every was her hunger.

Luckily, I was always prepared for my sweetie's immense appetite. I had just finished cooking some homemade pizza, and I offered her a slice (I only cut the pizzas into six now, so she doesn't have to wait so long to eat more).

She opened her mouth and I place the pizza within - she moaned and leaned in, chomping a huge bite out of it. She chewed, then snatched the rest of the slice from my hand while swallowing and took another huge bite. Within moments, she'd eaten the entire thing, and was working her way through a second. I brought her a soda, and she took many enormous gulps, then burped so loud it shook her wonderfully fat breasts, which were straining the buttons between them quite intensely.

“Mmmph, I am so fucking hungrphh” she said as she jammed the next piece into her mouth. I reached for her irresistibly round gut, which sat proudly and fatly on the counter, clearly a result of quite a bit of overindulgence. Her shirt, which was a button-down, as always, was just starting to look taut on her, as her ripe curves blossomed larger and larger, due to her unending consumption. My fingers sank into her simply glorious softness, her bulging flesh visible between them, trying to get bigger, rounder, wider. She giggled with food in her mouth and took another bite, not even swallowing the previous one. She was in full gluttony mode...she was clearly horny as fuck.

Her fat breasts bounced, nipples poking through her shirt as she stood on her toes and rocked back onto her heels repeatedly while unabashedly stuffing her face like a ripe little piggy. I continued to squeeze her enormous and wonderful belly we had made...pressing my palms together to see it bulge farther and fatter forward and to the sides...her love handles looking absolutely huge. Her flesh started to peek out from under her shirt on the sides, fat as those love handles were. She moaned and I looked up at her beautiful, chubby face. Only then did I notice she had finished all the pizza. She moaned again, but then it turned into an enormous belch, since she had just consumed an entire pizza in minutes. I released her belly, and it bounced back into its normal, more spherical shape.

“BUUUURRRPPPP!!! Oops, hehe, excuse me. But, you know, I'm still really hungry.” She patted her belly, and it bounced, unsurprisingly.

Frankly, I didn't think a human male could be this hard. But still, her words made me harder.

Luckily for me, the oven timer went off just then - the lasagna was done. And if there was anything my fatty loved more than pizza, it was lasagna. She loved it with tons of cheese and sauce and butter, and a little bit of meat too, so I had made sure to satisfy her tastes. And I fully encouraged her consumption of this wonderful food, for the carbs and cheese made her ass oh so much fatter. She had practically exploded since I started cooking it multiple times a week. Her underwear had burst off her only two weeks after the first time I made a super cheesy one for her. She was a hungry girl. My sweet butterball.

She was delighted when I told her what was in the oven, and while I got it out and cooled it, she just chugged and chugged that soda. She drank it all, because with her giant bottomless pit of a tummy, that much drink was nothing. I mean, she and just eaten a pizza and was still hungry. But I love my fat girl, and I love feeding her everything she wants (and sometimes more), so I fully support this as well.
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