Short but fat

Chapter 1

I held the drumstick in front of my baby’s eyes, and she greedily licked her lips, anticipating her prize.

“I’m so HUNGRY baby…I haven’t eaten in over an hour...”

I smiled at her, and she knew I wanted more before I’d attempt to feed her infinite appetite.

“I’ve been getting so FAT for you…but I can’t keep growing if I’m not constantly STUFFED. I want my belly to grow for you, baby, to grow until I’m too fat to fit through the doors…”

My cock leapt at her words, and I shoved the drumstick close to her mouth. She immediately took a huge bite, moaning with desire.

“Mmmph, soo goooood…” she said through her full mouth as she devoured the meat. She took two more bites, and the formerly very heavy drumstick was bare, and she licked her lips.

“I need more, baby…a LOT more.”

I laid the platter of drumsticks in front of her…there were twenty in all, with a total weight of 5 lbs.

“Eat,” I told her, “while I fill you up.”

She giggled with anticipation and hefted her enormous body to roll over. Her belly, a mountain of blubber monumental in roundness and jigglier than anything else I knew, plopped to the side and bounced heavily as she tilted sideways. Her breasts practically smacked her in the face as they were lifted by her enormous globular belly as it bounced. They also bounced, wobbling to and fro atop her blubber.

Eventually she managed to roll onto her fat, fat belly. It lifted her off the bed, she was so huge. Her belly bulged up past her spherical pussy mound towards me, providing me a soft place to rest my pelvis as I placed my huge cock at the entrance to her love oven. Her fat pussy lips parted wetly as she was so turned on and wanted it so badly. A wet smack was heard as this occurred, and I plunged in, filling her to the brim with hard cock. Her pace quickened and she started to shovel the food into her mouth. I could feel her belly deep inside her blubber getting tighter as I thrust into her, hugging her huge ass cheeks. She ate, I fucked, she burped, I twitched, she ate some more, and I buried my shaft in her ample behind.

“Oh god, yes, fuck your piglet,” she moaned as I plunged harder and faster. “Fill me up and turn me on so that I eat more…the fatter I get, the hornier I am, and the hornier I am the hungrier I get, and the more I eat the fatter I get….mmmm…I love this cycle…blow me UP…make me HUGE!!”

I was almost at the breaking point due to her display of fantasy. I imagined her blubbery sides bulging out farther, farther, growing fatter and fatter. Her belly, lifting her farther and farther off the bed…her breasts, already smashed into her fat face by their immense size, smothering her with their hugeness as they grew.

All this was enough, and I erupted inside my mountainous girlfriend.

She screamed and thrust about in ecstasy as my already huge cock throbbed and swelled with orgasm, stretching her to her limit. My head pounded her full stomach from within and she gushed fluid out at my cock. She came for what seemed like minutes, quivering and spasming and squirting out from between her legs.

When it was finally all over, she moaned, and sighed. “God, I think that just made me hungrier,” she said, and proceeded to burp. This turned me on all over again.
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