Is that me?

Chapter 1 - The Awakening

It had been years since I had seen the blonde girl-of-my-dreams that had passed me up earlier in life. I remembered a sweet, innocent girl whose intellect and creativity were unmatched.

When I ran into her the other day at the gas station, I could not believe my eyes. She had always been busty...when we were both 16 she was a D cup...but she was wearing a low cut top that revealed two huge bulging spheres of girl-flesh. She also had gained a small potbelly, which I thought made her even more becoming. Her butt had plumped up a bit, gaining a delightful roundness that stuck out and made that sexy round curve at the bottom of her cheeks. I could tell this last fact because her pants were quite snug. The bulge of her love handles was obvious.

I was caught eyeing her up when she noticed me. She smiled, and opened her arms wide, indicating I was to give her a hug. Her boobs wobbled as her arms stopped in their open position. Her beautiful blue eyes twinkled as she observed the effect her body still had over me. She giggled a little. SO sexy.

When we were done hugging, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I said, "You look amazing. What have you been doing?"

She laughed outright, creating delightful motion in her overflowing shirtline. "If you haven't noticed, I'm like 30 pounds heavier. But to answer your question, WoW and Ben & Jerry's." She indicated the four tubs she was carrying to the checkout.

I smiled and said, "Yeah, you look amazing. I've never seen you so beautiful."

She blushed a little. "Why was it that I didn't go out with you again?" she joked. I smiled, and she said "You wouldn't believe it. None of my shirts fit. I outgrew my last bra last week. It was a double-D cup."

Either she was oblivious to the effect this had on me or intended it, but I was beginning to get turned on. And I'm kind of hard to hide (nyuk nyuk), so it was only a matter of time...

"I still think you look even more beautiful than the first time I laid eyes on you." And I wasn't lying. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders, and her kind smile beguiled me. How could someone so beautiful be so kind and fragile?

In the meantime, she was wondering why I was joking with her. 'Who could possibly appreciate this bloated, fat form of mine?' she thought. 'I'm like 160 pounds now, and he's acting like I'm sooo sexy. Could he possibly be attracted to...this?'

I observed her absentmindedly stroking her bit of belly-fat that poked out form under her shirt. "Uh, better stop that, you're going to cause someone to get hurt."

She looked at me and her hand froze, and then she noticed the bulge in my pants, and she giggled again...her deliciously huge melons bounced and shimmed as her gaze pierced into my eyes.

'He does!' she thought. 'He likes it! And that means....I can too!'
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14 years
more pleassssssssseeeeeeee. great story .
Maximum 15 years
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Thanks for the comments. Which words are misspelled? I'm a stickler for grammar, and I checked it before I posted and just now and couldn't find any, but maybe I'm just missing them. New chapter(s) coming soon.
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I concur but a few more more chapters would be fun