My chubby piglet

Chapter 1 - The First Year (page 1)

Note: I wrote this in word, so please let me know if you see any characters that didn't convert.

I have always been attracted to gluttonous girls. They are very rare, but on occasion you get lucky enough to run into a girl who is absolutely insatiable. This kind of girl will eat and eat until she can’t hold another bite, and then cram just a little more in. They always seem to be literally poured into their clothing, most likely because they are getting so fat so quickly.

My girlfriend is just this type of girl. Valentina had come to America from Italy only one year ago, and I had met her at a restaurant in Chicago. I was instantly mesmerized by the way she ate with abandon…I had seen her from across the room as she gorged herself and seemed to be getting quite flushed as she did so. After she caught me staring, she smiled and beckoned me closer, and ever since then we had been in total lusty hedonistic love.

Now, almost a year later, she had grown immensely. When I met her, she was a slight 220lbs (almost 100kg). Her clothes were tight on her then, and she had the sexiest bulging potbelly and love handles you could ever imagine. But since then, she had been a very greedy piglet. She had gorged, burped, and split her seams up to an amazing 295lbs(133kg). She now was positively burstingly fat, and still very hungry and very horny about getting even bigger.

Valentina was a girl who grew so fast that her fat never had time to sag, and she seemed to almost inflate like a balloon as she grew. She practically inhaled all manner of fattening goodies, and it shows – her seams are constantly straining to contain my beautiful hungry princess. I also, being very dedicated to my baby, always made sure her belly was lotioned and smooth, so that she was stretchmark free. She just grew and grew, rounder and rounder, every day.

Today I came home and found her passed out on the sofa. She had one chubby arm hanging off to the floor, and the other was draped over her enormous dome-shaped belly. She snored quietly, and every now and then a burp escaped. I surveyed the damage – the empty cake box which had contained a birthday cake I had bought her just for the heck of it(she loves cake), an empty half-gallon container of ice cream, and the remains of a box of Chips Ahoy super chunky cookies. There were only two cookies left in the box…and this morning it was unopened. My piglet is such a good girl.

I walked over and kissed her plump lips, and she smiled in her sleep and stirred a little. Her eyes opened to slits, and she smiled wider.

In her beautiful Italian accent, she said to me, “Hello baby. Amore.” She reached out her arms towards me and I fell into her infinite plushness. I kissed her all over.

“Baby, have you been a good piglet today? I see that you’ve been eating,” I said, motioning to the dead soldiers on the battlefield of gluttony.

“Mmmm, yes honey. I’m soooo STUFFED. My belly is growing for you,” she cooed. She giggled and her buxom breasts bounced. She then slapped her belly, and while it did wobble, I could hear the tightness in the sound of the slap. Then a pained and lustful look crossed her face, and I knew she was thinking about how fat she was going to get.

“Baby,” she sighed, “will you get me some more food? I’m so stuffed, but I want to eat more and more of this delicious food. I want to get huge for you.”

If I could have been hornier than I always already was in the presence of my piglet goddess, I did become so. I felt like I had a 10 pound rock attached to my crotch, and she noticed, and licked her lips greedily.

“And after I eat more for you baby, and get fatter, we can fuck like bunny rabbits!”

I didn’t need any more invitation…in fact, I was already on my way to the kitchen. Over the next half hour I cooked up some pasta and very heavy sauce for my hungry fatty. All the while, she was egging me on with comments from the living room…”Hurry baby, I’m starting to shrink!” and “Ohhh my tummy wants to get fatter honey, please hurry!” I finished up and brought her an enormous bowl of spaghetti and rigatoni noodles with a very thick and heavy meat sauce which I knew she loved due to her Italian descent. Her eyes lit up more brightly than the sun as I entered the room, and her mouth hung open. I could tell she was aroused that I had cooked her so much fattening food knowing that she was already fairly stuffed. She attempted to right herself on the couch, and it took three tries for her to get up to a sitting position. God, I love my piglet.

She held her arms out to me, and I placed the large serving bowl in them. She set it down on the coffee table and immediately dug in with gusto. Leaning forward as she was, I could see the tightness in her perfect, round belly. Her love handles and fat ass poured out the widening gap between her shirt and her pants in the back. The khakis she was wearing looked fit to burst any moment – just the way I like my girl to dress. While I was admiring her, she had already finished a full third of the pasta. She was eating like a machine - like she had not eaten all day. In between bites and while chewing she would whimper and moan, and I could tell that she was probably swimming down below. My piglet is a greedy glutton of the best sort, constantly aroused by her growth and by being stuffed and by being so gluttonous, which just led her to be even more huge, stuffed, and greedy.

About halfway through, she stopped for a second and rubbed her straining belly. “BUUUUUUUURP!” she emitted. My cock twitched with excitement as I loved to see her gorge herself. I went to get the lotion, because I could already tell that her skin was getting very tight. While she finished the last half, slowing down every bite, I rubbed her gigantic swollen piglet tummy with the lotion, giving it that sexy reflective sheen for a few minutes until the lotion was absorbed. She looked like very happy pig with her belly so round and shiny. Even though her greed always goaded her on and made her eat more, she could not eat at full speed anymore because she was beyond her limit. But she knew I loved it, and struggled to cram the rest of the heavy pasta into her growing belly.

By the end, she was tilting her head back and pouring the remainder of the sauce directly out of the bowl into her mouth. When it was finally empty, she slammed it down, causing a delightful wobble of her fat breasts, and belched immensely. The belch echoed off the walls, it was so thunderous. She then moaned and slapped her belly.

“Honey, am I a good piglet?” she smiled at me, as a dollop of sauce dripped out of the side of her mouth.

I smiled at her, and placed my finger on the dollop, and lifted it into her mouth. She sucked it off my finger, and whimpered slightly with stuffed lust. “Baby,” I told her, “you are the best piglet I could ever ask for. I love how big and round you are getting, and I love helping you satiate your gluttony. I want to make you enormous, baby.”
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Alone 12 years
This is going to sound pretty pathetic, but I can't write when I'm depressed, and I've been single now for almost 2's going to be hard for me to find the motivation and imagination to write more. I'm sorry, people. smiley All I can say is lack of happiness really drains you...
Palndrm 13 years
excellent story full of reality....can't weight for more!
Alone 13 years
I just wanted to say this story will probably now go the way of my others and not be finished. The person who was the inspiration for it has left the site. Fml.
Tjpbeatles 13 years
awesome story. i loved especially when she pinned him to the wall w/ her belly
Alone 13 years
I work the next couple of days but I'll probably add more on Saturday. Thanks for the comments smiley