My girl

Chapter 1 - 350 lbs

I was eyeing my baby's belly as she gorged herself when I first noticed it.

She had been indulging excessively lately, at my request, and just then I discovered the first tear in her favorite tee-shirt. Hey blubbery love handles bulged out, proud and round, from both sides of her shirt as her jeans forced her blubber to separate into two fat curves - her love handles and her ever-plumpening thighs and sexy, spherical booty. Come to mention it, her jeans looked incredibly taut over her ripe cheeks as well.

"Baby," I said to her, smiling, "You're getting fat."

She looked up from her tub of ice cream and smiled. She looked so cute with icecream stains around her plump kissable lips. Then she burped thunderously in my direction and giggled.

"Mmmm," I groaned, as her burp had the effect she intended on me. She noticed the effect, and smiled devilishly. She then made an obvious show of taking another huge bite of icecream, being a little messy as she did it. She patted her dome-shaped potbelly, causing the beautiful spherical gut to wobble tightly. It was obviously very full of fattening goodies; calories just waiting to push her form outward even more...make it grow so much more immeasurably sexy.

She was obviously becoming turned on by her gluttony. Her nipples were clearly poking through her undersized top as more and more of her fat belly peeked out below. Her pace quickened and she began to practically shovel the icecream in. Her eyes were half-lidded as she mentally pleaded me to come pleasure her.

I felt inclined to oblige, and approached her. I squeezed her fat form from both sides, enjoying the plushness of her bulging side rolls. She often jokes how she wishes I would butter them, and thinking of this I ran my hands back and forth across all of the smooth, soft bulges of flesh. She giggled as she ate more and more...filling herself with love for me. Fat, squishy, bulging, bouncy love.

Her side seam audibly ripped as she tilted back her head to drink the remaining melted ice cream from the tub. I couldn't see her head behind it, and was incredibly turned on by that fact. All I could see was the bucket, her pudgy hands grasping it from the sides, and the trickles of missed ice cream that ran down her double chin and onto her fat breasts, which had bulged ever higher towards her face as she got fatter. Her breasts were immense now, thanks to her being such a good little piglet. As the bucket emptied, she held it with one hand and rested her other hand on her tight, fat dome of a belly, enjoying the feeling of it becoming tighter and tighter. She seemed to strain near the end, but swallowed hugely and finished the bucket. She tossed it aside, and belched mightily, so hard that her belly ripped the side of her shirt even further with the pressure of the release.

She slapped her belly with force and it wobbled like jello. The seams on her jeans audibly strained as the enormous gut bounced against them. She moved her hand over her belly button and put her finger in - she loved to play with the deep cavern it had become. It was almost an erogenous zone for her and she quite frequently came just from playing with it. I think it has to do with how much she loves being fat and how her super deep bellybutton reminds her how fat she is, but I could be wrong.

She was getting really turned on - her nipples looked rock hard as her billowing boobs surged against her insufficient bra. I could see the outline where her fat bust spilled over the cups. My baby had definitely been growing...and not up, but OUT. She made a sucking face and I knew what she wanted. I went to the kitchen to prepare a super-heavy shake for my extra thick milkshake of a girlfriend. When I got back she already had the funnel in her mouth and was flushed with pleasure as she fingered her bellybutton. She moaned as she saw me approach, and whimpered with desire. I poured the thick concoction into the tube as she wanted, and her hand started to practically jam itself into her bellybutton as she felt herself filling fuller and fuller with caloric excess.

She had to imagine what it had looked like as her jeans button forcefully shot off her pants as her gut rapidly expanded. Her blubber wobbled and bulged and slapped against itself as she pleasured herself with hedonistic thoughts. I continued to pour the gallon of pure fat-inducing deliciousness into her maw and she swallowed with abandon. She seemed even to be sucking it through the tube faster than it would have gone on its own. I saw her belly swell and grow tighter and tighter. The bulges of fat that were her extremely round and lovely love handles spread apart slowly as the skin stretched tighter over the growing amount of substance inside her. When she finally sucked the last of the shake out of the tube, she removed it and panted for a moment before shaking the foundations of the house with a massive eruption of female oral flatulence. Her burp echoed for several seconds and shook the glass. Just as before, the result of her diaphragm pushing down and expelling the gas made her stomach swell outward even further, and her shirt tore a good inch further up the side. She was shaking with orgasm as the burp subsided, and looked completely tousled. I was very turned on to know that she had become so worked up simply from gorging herself to the limit. In fact, my pants were about to lose a button as well, for a different reason.

She noticed, and decided to have one more snack before she took a nap to fatten up. She pulled out my cock and plunged it into her mouth, sucking on it even harder than she had sucked the tube. I could not stand it for long, she clearly wanted to swallow all of and she wanted it NOW. I obliged and she sucked greedily as a piglet until every drop was in her enormous beautiful dome-shaped blubber mountain. She then patted this wonderful creation, and burped again.

"Oink," she said to me, and winked. I felt like doing it all over again.
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