Better make it a dozen

Chapter 1

SNNNAAAP! PING! I looked down over my expansive and bloated belly and noticed that the lowest button on my long-sleeved pajama shirt had finally given up the fight to contain my engorged belly and had completely popped off and hit the end post of my bed. My face was smeared with bits of leftover crumbs from the bags of Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and Cheetos I had just eaten. Many thoughts entered my head as it finally started to dawn on me how gluttonous I had become and what the results of my gluttony were doing to my body. I was both excited and fearful over my current predicament. The pajamas I was wearing had been the last article of clothing I had from before I had started to date my girlfriend Rachel. I had now officially outgrown everything from my original wardrobe. All of my other clothes had been replaced twice now with my latest wardrobe selection getting tighter by the day.

At one time the pajamas I was wearing had been very baggy, hanging loose around my fat body, and the waistband was elastic. I had been very fond of these clothes since while officially being pajamas I could still laze around the house all day with some modesty. Before I met my girlfriend I had been by no means a skinny fellow. 240 pounds of fat on a 5’7” frame gave me a wide full belly, a chunky butt, moobs that could fill an A cup, arms completely devoid of muscle, and the hints of double chin that threatened to reveal itself in full if I got bigger. Now after six months with my girl, Rachel, my obese body may very well have broken past the 300 pound mark. My belly had grown into an even larger mound of jiggling fat that now covered my genitals even when I stood up.

My arms were now like bloated sausages and could barely fit in the long sleeves of my pajamas and made loud smacking noises when I raised and lowered them too quickly. My moobs had grown to a point where they could fill a generous B cup now. My butt was now a hefty shelf that was supported by thick, fat thighs that were stuffed at the moment into my skin tight pajama bottoms. My double chin had fully formed and my cheeks had grown rounder. It really had been silly of me to keep wearing my pajamas since the shirt buttons were constantly gapping and a good 1 ½ inches of belly was visible in a ring around me. Probably the only reason the shirt buttons had given up before the pajama bottoms button did was the fact that the button on the bottoms was a strong metal clasp. How had I allowed myself to become so out of shape and fat you may wonder? That’s an easy answer. I’m a glutton for food; perhaps some would call a food addict.

I had always been a chubby kid. I loved food, especially the kind that people know are bad for them. I loved to eat, but could never quite eat the way I wanted to. Friends and family would admonish me if I ate too much, so I usually ate my meals feeling unfulfilled. The one time I can remember truly eating to full satisfaction was when I was 10 years old and discovered the wonder of baby back ribs. These ribs were the regular kind that adults eat, but so enamored was I with this sudden deliciously greasy food that I managed to gorge down 15 ribs into my small frame. The feeling of being stuffed beyond full was an amazing feeling that I did not get to enjoy often in my life before I met my Rachel. After moving out of my parents place 4 years ago I found myself in a situation where I wasn’t having my eating monitored all the time.
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GluttonyCat 14 years
Wow, over 2000 views in just 2 days? I could also say the same for me. I'd consider myself as having won the lottery if I ever managed to get a girl like the one in my story.
BeSoft 14 years
Hope you'll contunie this story or writing similar stories..!

Really loved it!
GluttonyCat 14 years
Well the part about when I was growing up until I moved out was true, but I have yet to meet a girl like the one in my story.
Growrnshowr 14 years
Great story! Really well written and you can tell it came from a true place.
I wish I could find a relationship like that too!
GluttonyCat 14 years
So what do you all think?