Born to get fat

Chapter 1: Destiny

He knew that she would sooner or later find him.

That is why he had written the story, that he had opened up and shown this part of himself.

To arouse a female feeder, a woman that got wet at his desire to gain and become really huge.

That he could not resist to get as fat for her as she wanted him to.

It was all brand new, he had always known that he was a feeder and attracted to be to very big women. But he had not known a secret of him. How he had slowly gotten fatter, fat that had taken hold of his belly did not leave anymore.

He had realized that sooner or later he would not be able to fight it anymore. And when he had contact with that female feeder, that had noticed that he had gotten larger, accidentally asked him, if he had fattned himself up, he denied it. But later confirmed it and she could not believe it and neither could he.

It took a while to sink in, first he just got assaulted by these crazy extreme fantasies, where a woman fattened him up till he could not walk anymore and it made him so horny.

He knew that there must be a female feeder out there that was as extreme as he was and was just looking for a thin guy with a little belly to force feed him and watch him explode into this huge fat sagging porker.

He knew that writing a story or writing an ad was exposing himself, in the same way as he would have when he met an extreme feeder and told her: “Fatten me! Right now! Make me grow, fast. I will grow as fat as you want me to be!”

Or given control over to her to feed him any way she liked and knowing that she was as extreme as he was.

The more fat was on his belly, the more visible his tiny little double chin was, the more he felt he could not resist anymore.

The part that wanted him fattened up grew all the time, with every pound of fat on his tummy.

And in a very horny moment, he started to write his story, and put it on the internet.

Then he forgot about it. Month later a woman contacted him and first he though nothing of it.

It was a normal contact, like always. The usual “excited about feeding” and then dropping silently from the radar.

But then Becky started to ask questions, like that she had this friend, Gabriel, that she wanted to see getting fat. She knew that he was a feedee, but was not sure if he was into force feeding and more specific into tube feeding.

He advised her on how to get him to try it.

Often, he said, the tube was something totally gross. And some of the appeal was from that, it was super extreme feeding. The extremeness was the hot thing about it.

That he had just fed this feedee with a tube, a specially thick silicone one. And that she totally enjoyed it so much. He described the feeling she had had.

In reality, he had tried it out on himself. As he had done that to female feedees of him, and then wondered how that felt. And tried it out on himself and he was never quite the same after that:

Something had been teased, something that he could not forget anymore.

Like any feedee that loved that way to be fed, he loved how it felt to swallow the thick tube, to get plugged in so to speak and then feeling this little pump inflate his stomach. And feeling how you got industrially fattened.

There was this place, where you went to get really really fat, the fat factory. Where your feeder went with you. And where you got all that treatment that you needed, it was pure magic.

He did it always with water or fibermix. But he feared and wanted at the same time that one day his feeder would do it with him, filling something in him that she decided, maybe rapid fattener and watch him bloom up with lots and lots of fat, finding out how fast he could gain.

He knew his ideal feeder would love that, would get off fast gaining and he also did, with his own body as well as with his female feedees.

Becky was explaining that she couldn’t wait to show Gabriel the tube, but she did not want to rush it. She did not want him to bolt.

He did not tell her that it made him hot, and that he had fantasies that he was fattened up by her like Gabriel.

In the meanwhile Becky wanted to gain too, but told him that she had a hard time putting on weight and that she needed his skill as an experienced feeder.

He was surprised that she proposed that they should meet and go out eating. In the feederism community, such a thing was rare. There were just too many closet cases and people that either were uncomfortable to show this to a warm blooded real person or prefered to live it out behind closed doors alone.

She told him in a mail before they met that she needed a firm hand and loved pressure in the belly, wanted to stretch her stomach.

And that she loved eating contests. That when Becky had been a young girl, she had competed against that best friend of hers. And while her best friend did not put on as much as a pound, Becky got really plump and heavy, so that her parents intervened and sent her to a fat camp.

When he met Becky at the all you can eat restaurant, he was startled to find that she was thin as a rake and no resemblance or left over from that girl that had gotten so fat as she said.

She had the looks of a model, seemed to be working out all the time, judging from her muscled arms and legs. She showed him her belly, and there was a six pack visible.

“See? That has to vanish! I want to get fat again! I can’t stand how small my breasts have become!” she complained.

He did not see why, she carried something like a E cup, which looked even larger on her thin frame.

Her directness and initiative was totally refreshing.

“And how about you?” and with this she lifted his shirt up.

She touched and explored his belly fat, pinched it.

“You got seed-fat there!” she exclaimed. “Seems like you are primed to start getting fat!”

He could not believe what his ears had just heard and got a hard on from that.

He tried to hide it, as he had been taught that it was not appropriate to show an erection in public. He failed.
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Rubens_feeder 5 years
Unfortunately, I cannot post my stories here, they are too long and having to cut them up into chapters is a lot of work. You can find all my works on extremefeeding dot com, where I write them.
FrecherTyp 6 years
hehe oh i missed that wonderful story ;-)

my is this a little cute devil feeder of a girl ;-)

would really love to
FrecherTyp 9 years
wow this was like reading my mind in some or most of the story lol and i found it very cool that she watched over his health when it was clear he didn´t have enough willpower to resist her feeding at one point smiley i am sure i would just start doing some secret exercises when she is not at home when she really would manage to get me to over 320 ;-)
Rubens_feeder 13 years
Hihi, not my first story by far, I have done so many already, but they are not posted here, only on my website. Women fattening up men is not really different than men feeding women. ;-)
Built4com4t 13 years
your first bhm story! welcome to the dark side ;-)