Fatten up women that are destined to get fat

Chapter 1

Now don't get shocked, but there are in fact women out there, feedees that need to gain, to get fatter and grow absolutely incredibly obese, maybe even immobile. They are built, in many ways like a pig. Born to gain, born to get fat.

I'm a handsome man, tall and athletic, but I am totally drawn to women like this. I love the terms obese, fatty, piggy.

If you are like this, and are reading this, get ready for a hot surprise. You are reading this here in order to find me. You have found me now, to be fattened up, to grow very very fat and fast by my experienced hand.

You might have fought this all your life, resisted the gaining, the fat. You might already be fat now, yo yo dieting your belly to larger and fatter dimensions. And feeling how it feels right. Or you might be thin still, but dreaming about being a very very fat woman. Of jiggling, of having a sagging huge fat belly.

In both cases, please contact me, I am ready for you! And you know you are ready! That you are ripe to gain and become huge. That you were born to become a obese porker and I will bring you there. That actually must get fat, that every pound of fat on your belly is pulling you and pushing you to let go and start eating freely and hold your belly, while you eat and stuff yourself, overeating heavenly and showing this to a man, your feeder, me! And that you want to be my piggy, but that I want to transform you from piggy to pig to porker, I want that you wobble and jiggle, look like a real human pig, fattened up and jiggling like a huge ball of fat, waves of wobble going through your belly with every step.

I know what you need, more than you do know. I know that you are already wet under that hanging gut. Isn't this shocking?

You might be scared that I will be force feeding you, that you will need it, that I will tie you and then insert a tube inside you and fill you with fattening stuff, without you being able to do anything. But we will take it step by step and I will introduce you to all that, slowly and lovingly, seeing how you come apart, fatten like a turkey. I totally get turned on by feedees that get fat fast and gain easily, it is the hottest thing there is. Imagine you gain fast and easy and that without having eaten that much so far. Now imagine how I will feed you, even force feed you and how fast you will get from this! Amazing, eh?

I totally adore very large woman:

I like sagging bellies, huge hanging breasts, fat hanging down on the arms, an huge wide *** that cannot fit through any door and fat folds everywhere. You will be so beautiful, so gloriously fat! It will be like magic. And cellulite everywhere.

I am there to unleash you, set you free and finally make you gain, getting horny and giving you the hottest sex you can imagine, while you do what you do best: fatten up!
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