Fattening feedees for many years now, wow!

Chapter 1

Yes, that is what I do. I help women gain weight, get fatter and get a huge belly and fat everywhere. if this shocks you, then please zap somewhere else. This is not for you.

We live in a society, where war and violence is tolerated, but feeding is totally outlawed and the biggest tabu of them all. We life in a world of fat-phobia.

Now first I want to say the following: I have never and will never feed a woman that does not want this herself. it might be hard to believe for you fat haters out there, but there are women that LOVE FAT and want to get fat, often feed themselves before I even meet them.

it is not thought manipulation or anything like this, they do this because they want it. Most of the time, they are strong intelligent independent women and there is no way you could convince them to gain if they would not want this on their own accord.

I just provide a service to them.

So what is feeding? When it comes down to it, a feeder feeds a feedee, for the pleasure of eating and the wondeful fat that grows on her. It is like a magic feeling really, knowing that she wants to gain and that you want to fatten her up. Often after overeating and feeding, she feels like she is pregnant, food-pregnant so to speak, since all that goodness will soon find itself into new curves on her body, a bigger belly, larger breasts (ohhhh yeahhh, that is some wonderful side effect of fattening).

And how can you tell if you are a feeder or feedee? Well, simple as that:

Do you get aroused by overeating? Does fat make you hot? Do you love to see fat jiggle on yourself and others?

Do you long to be fatter and experience what it means to be a really fat person?

Do you long to become fat for somebody, to see that person aroused at your growing fat and your body filling up?

If the answer is yes, well you probably are.

Often, this feeling has been there from very early childhood. You see a cartoon character inflated, or getting stuffed with a lot of food, getting fatter fast and this touches something erotic inside you.

Ever seen the scene in Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory where Viotlet gets inflated and gets really huge? We feeder and feedee all loved that scene, but did not know in the beginning why. Now many know that this is because we ARE Violet.

So if eating and feeding yourself (or getting fed) makes you aroused, wet, have a erection, you most likely are a feeder or feedee.

And in order to have great sex, you need a partner that is of the same kind, that can share this.

Often, feedees are scared to death to even mention their desire to get larger to their boyfriends/husbands/partners, as they believe that these people will label them as "having lost their mind totally". The often think that they can't be normal.

But this is not so. I know many that live a healthy and very excited life with this type of sexual orientation. It is just that the society and media is out on a witchhunt for fat and all people that are fat.

And you are influences by this.

But it is important that YOU know what you want and live it. I have known some feedees that lost a lot of weight and went from being plump to being thin. They received congratulations and lots of love from friends that were so standard fat phobic as many are, but they realized that it felt wrong.

They now conformed to what others wanted them to be. But they, themselfes had a totally bad body image and it felt so wrong.

So they gained, sometimes with my help, sometimes on their own, became plump again and then became larger than that, having now a visible large belly, and they never felt better.

I believe that feedees have a normal tendency to be large and only feel really good and ok when they reach that weight.

I have learned so much about how wonderful sexy and soft fat is through the people I met and why fat seems to be somehow connected to sex.

For us feeders and feedees, eating and feeding is the ultimate foreplay. You should see a feedee, how she slowly heats up, getting first horny and then super horny at being fed for hours and feeling her belly grow and then the sex, that is mindblowing, after all this cranking up of sexual energy and anticipation.

A feedee needs a man that gets hot at seeing her eat and loves to grab her belly and tell her how beautiful and sexy she is thanks to the gaining.

And if he gets an errection if he uncovers her belly, kisses it lovingly, that is something you cannot fake and the feedee knows immediately, that this is really how he is and what he desires. It is wonderful, almost too good to be true when you realize with a partner that you are in this space together, that you DO understand what the other person feels and wants.

I have to mention that feedees and feeders can be all genders, men, women, sometimes even the same gender, which is just how sex works normally: There is a lot of variety.

So if this touched you, send me a message and maybe I can help you discover something that you have deep inside you and want to uncover more, to become what you always should have been.

I have a website, where I publish introductionary articles and many stories:


Please be advised that I have been doing this for more than 10 years and have explored also extreme stuff and some of the stories (well, many of them) are kind of very extreme.

I hope I enriched your day sharing my story here

all the best

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