My biggest teacher

Chapter 1

The fattest woman I have ever fed? Let me tell you that story, it is worth telling and is something wonderful and indescribable sexy in my life.

She taught me so many things about my own passion as a feeder, her openness to grow and try extreme stuff shaped me and made me discover wonderful parts of my sexuality that I now live on a regular basis in my life.

Well, she reached over 780 pounds (353 kg) and ended up immobile. It was indescribable. I know that many women would not go that far and being immobile was special and there were many drawbacks for her. But in our case we were in a relationship together and I could take care of her and the way we both loved feeding just resulted in this.

She also did not want to get that big, she initially only wanted to be around 300 and I agreed when she wanted to lose weight, but when she did that, she got assaulted by the hottest fantasies and teased me by sending me pictures of very very fat women, which she knew i liked. And so we kept feeding and she gained in spurts, I can’t describe how that was. You have to experience it, I was horny most of the time and so was she, sex was directly connected to feeding and feeding her and overfeeding her, till she could not move any more was the hottest foreplay you can imagine, she was so dripping wet, unreal.

What made her become that large was also, that she had this tendency that I call being a pig feedee, of really being programmed to gain and have to gain and wish to gain. I think she found out when she read some of my stories where I talked about pig feedees.  The fat woman had warmed She had so many pig qualities and I love that in a woman, it is so sexy. I love when a woman tells me shyly that she really cannot stop eating and that I have to take care of her, and not put too much food in front of her. That she might virtually eat till she explodes and there is a tint of truth in it and me knowing that I have full control over her body, that I can make her gain and also carry the responsibility. But that I want her to gain and get so fat and she dreams of that too.

I loved to force feed her and you have no idea how that is. I remember showing her the feeding tube the first time and she shivered, was so nervous and wet from it. Being industrially fattened. We always had this crazy fantasy that I would take her to that fat factory, that hidden place where she would not leave anymore, because she would get too fat for fitting though doors and we always dreamed about it and the tube was kind of a real thing from that. I was amazed how huge her stomach got and how easily it yielded. It was a dream how she gained and that sometimes she could hardly breathe anymore and I had to support her, bring her to the bed and then slide inside her and bring her to an orgasms that brought the walls down screaming of lust.



I then initiated her as a pig feedee, a thing that I did the first time ever with her.

I came up with these 4 sexy steps that I now do with all pig feedees. They are required, and exceptions can be granted, but most of the time, a pig feedee will find them exciting.

1. The Measure

The first I did what I did was make her stand naked on the wall, take pictures front, side and back from her, measuring her with a tape, weighing her and writing everything down. I then explored her body, grabbed every fold and made a sexy journal about her current body and how it would likely develop in the future (belly will hang down till the floor, upper arms will get really large hanging sacks of lard). She later told me that this made her feel like a piece of meat, like I was only interested in her fat and that it felt like being an object. This made her horny, because there is this part where you are a pig feedee and all the feeder cares about (and all you do too) is how fast you can get fat. Total objectivisation.
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QuebecFA 7 years
That was such a beautiful story! I hope to find a feedee like you had someday! :-)
Rubens_feeder 12 years
Well, I cannot provide pics without her consent and she does not give it. I only get that many pics from my feedees because they know that I will never post one without them agreeing on it.
CrowsEye 12 years
Pics or it didn't happen.