chapter 1

I'm a writer of weight gain stories, read all of them here:

Only a small fraction of them make it on here, as I don't have the time to repost everything and cut it into chapters.
This story is fiction, but I know that it speaks out of the soul of many feeders and feedees. I tried to keep it short and potent, focusing on the essence of extreme feeding.

Rubens Feeder, 19. August 2010

Tanya had come home after the week. What a week! It had been the most unsettling week of her life, she had been fattened for days on end for the first time in her life. It was all insane, but so natural still. It was what she had always dreamed of.

She realized that she did not wear a bra. The ones that she had did not fit her huge udder anymore. And her pants? She had to wear an stretch one to being able to fit her belly in.

Who was this guy that had fed her? She couldn't believe it, he was so different than all the perceptions and expectations she had had about what a feeder was like. She had expected... well, she had not had concrete expectations, she realized. But one thing that she was amazed by was how nice he was and how little he had forced her or pushed her at all. Somehow she had all done it for him, no force was required. She had done incredible stuff, strange stuff, that she would have never imagined to like to be doing.

For example presenting him her wrists to be tied up. Telling him that she was ready to be fattened, and needed it badly. And she did need it.

She arrived home and could not wait to free her belly from all the clothing and watch herself in front of the mirror. Gosh, had she gotten fat!

She gained easy, with extreme speed, it shot through her head as she grabbed her belly flab and let it jiggle, like he had done, seeing his greedy eyes on her fat gut.

She remembered how he had gotten off, getting horny exclaiming "wow, you DO get fat fast! You know,... I LOVE THAT!! You are my kind of feedee!"

and it had turned her on too.

He seemed to know things about her, secret things that she had never told anybody. And even things that she did not know she wanted.

The insults "my porker", "fat piggy" or "tub of lard" seemed more and more appealing to her.

She was getting too fat and too fast, it shot through her head. She had to stop, right now.

When she was in the kitchen, she stood at the fridge and felt like in trance. There were bottles in there, she noticed. Bottles from him.

There were little post-it on them.

"Drink this, you must be hungry for fat!" one said. And another "I want my eyes popping out of my head when I see you next time!" and "do you feel your resistance weakening? Give in to the fat!"

Her mind was full of conflicting emotions.

She started to rub herself, her pussy betraying her and showing her bodies true motives. She knew as she picked up one of the bottles that she had to keep on going. That is was very important that she had to get fatter, as fast as she could.

What had he done with her, she asked herself as she was opening the bottle and started to drink, aware of this huge belly and the jiggling fat that had not been there 2 weeks ago.

She drank obediently, realizing that this was wickedly fat stuff in there.



She continued on with the next bottle as the phone rang. She picked it up, and getting nervous at hearing the voice of her feeder.

"You must be stuffing yourself" he whispered. She had a hard time articulating herself, she was shaking. Being in the feeding trance was so hot. and she was hanging on every word of him.

"My porky must be very hungry right now, let me fetch some food and come over to your place!"

Ohh, he was coming over! She felt her belly jiggle, touched her dripping wet pussy and moaned. Her lard ridden belly seemed to seduce her to get fatter, she felt her resistance weakening. He would do this incredible stuff again to her.

She remembered his words the week earlier, while feeding her:

"It's not accident that you were 230 lbs (104 kg) when we met, you always have waited to become a very fat woman."

That was when she was 280 lbs (127 kg). The fatter she got, the more she felt the lust for fat. It felt like it was conquering her and making her more and more horny.

She heard the door bell and welcomed him with open arms.

"Oh, wow, you put on the last feeding we had!" he exclaimed while he grabbed one of her fat flabs that was growing on her sides and let it jiggle.

"Show me your belly!" he said and she did, felt hot at showing her feeder how she had grown. He lifted up her shirt and touched her belly fat and realized how fast she was gaining. Damn!

He got a hard on from that, and she immediately felt it on her leg. She knew this of course, she felt her pussy itch with anticipation. She remembered only too well how long and hot he had ***ed her the week before. Every time she had gotten aroused and wet from feeding, he had rewarded her with this huge pole. She had never slept with a man that was as large as he was, he filled her completely, in the very double sense of the word, and she got a kick out of him pushing in deep, till she could feel him touching her roof. She opened his pants and greeted the thing that had given her so many orgasms already and held the large thing in her hands, looking up teasingly at him. She knew how to give head, oh yes she did and she enjoyed how it got even a little large and harder when she teasingly licked it all around a little. She loved to suck this dick, especially because it was so large and animalic. 7.5 inches and sooo thick, and below there, these two large balls. They just spoke to her, teased her with male virility. She started to suck it and he moaned. She had found out in that week how to get him hot, so she held and massaged his balls. She looked up at him, teasing, while she sucked on it. She loved to look of the whole thing. It looked like it was done for ***ing pussies, like the owner would have to seek out women and let them benefit from it, especially ones with large vaginae, like the one she had. And it was not just large, she had also felt that thing inside her for hours and hours, ***ing her brains out. He had told her that he had learned a great deal from many older women that were sexually totally developed and horny all the time, multi orgasmic and hard to not learn to become a master with these demanding customers.

Soon he interrupted her and popped a slice of pizza in her mouth and she started munching away. He unloaded the large bag of food that he had brought, he had to still do a trip to the car to get more and guided her to the table, where he sat her down and told her "show me!"

It was very intimate, very private to let him in on the personal stuffing sessions that she had always done, without knowing why......
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Rubens_feeder 8 years
Thanks guys, I appreciate it so much. Have not seen these comments before.
Giantjay 13 years
Can't wait to hear how she ends up, how big she is! Like fooman2008, I'd love to read the descriptions of her difficulty in moving, dressing, etc. due to her size! Great work!
Balloon 13 years
Can't wait for her immobility!
Kamina 13 years
Talk about capturng the pure, unbridled essence of feederism. You, my fellow FF, are an artist of wordsmanship!