The legend of the mast-liese

  By Rubens_feeder

Chapter 1

Thank you Elisabeth, I'm a feeder and might carry the same genes in me, I love to feed women that carry this gene you so nicely activated with your gigantic weight gain.

I am for you, all women that know this and will need to fatten, I love you tendency to overeat, yearning to be fattened like a pig, knowing that it is not a question of IF you will fatten, but WHEN. Lets not wait anymore, lets start the fattening! Thank you dear Mast-Liese for making fat and fattening such an important thing in many womens lifes. We are made for each other!

Rubens_Feeder, 29. January 2011

Chapter 1

It was in a little town in Germany, long in the past. There lived a very

wealthy man names Gruber. He had 2 daughters, Ina and Katja and was married to a beautiful woman called Elisabeth. She had even a little blue blood in heir veins, was educated and kind. Nothing hinted at her future destiny, to be the patron saint of all rapidly and uncontrollably gaining women. Little did she know that though the idiocy of her husband, she would become very infamous. That under her small and tight waist band the tiny little belly fat would worry her with its rapid multiplication that one day she will be afraid of doors, as she knows she is changing and gaining, but the door is not.

Gruber was a violent man, short tempered and nasty. He had spells of good moods that seemed like periods of sunshine in the perpetual cloudy and rainy weather of his emotional state. He was a proverbial asshole, but hard and successful in what he did commercially. He was the driving force behind the towns butchery industry. He owned several big butcheries in other towns and was a meat product tycoon.

And as often might makes right, he was admired and feared at the same time.

He had no vices except smoking cigars and was a man with a spartan lifestyle.

He hated and loathed much, but he did never hate a thing more than fat and anything soft. His wife had acquired a little belly giving birth to his children, she had tried hard to lose it again, but each of the girls had inflated her tummy a little, made her already ample breasts larger and hanging.

She was hardly fat by any measure, but Gruber thought she was a fat pig, disgusting and soon ceased to have sex with her. Their sex life before had not been a good one in any case. It had more of a utilitarian manner, where a man sleeps with a woman because he is supposed to, being married. And vice versa.

His mother had always told him, that women tended to get fat. And that fat was lazy. His mother had always been rake thin, you would have called her anorexic, if such a term had existed back then, which it did not.

She had never had a sex life on her own, hated lust and hated all the signs of it.

She had always told her son to watch out of for a woman’s tendency to expand, to fill out like a sack being filled by a hose with lard.

Big breasts, belly fat, that was how it started.

Gruber knew that Elisabeth was on the way there, he hated to see fat on his wife.

And when he was upset, which was all the time, he beat her.

It was in the winter that Ina got very sick. She had high fever which did not abate anymore. Very soon it was clear that she would not survive if nothing was done.

As often in these cases, the call went out to Esmeralda, the towns witch. She had been successful in treating illnesses in the past and lived away from the village. She was an outsider, living with the town in a symbiotic relationship. She provided services that were unique and the farmers provided her food.

Esmeralda took Ina to her cottage for 2 weeks. When she came back, her fever was gone and he face was flush with life again. But, she had gained weight.

Gruber saw this with shock. She had the same small belly that marked the onset of rampant obesity. Soon she would start gaining, fill out and become a fat cow, with large hanging udder breasts and be lazy and worthless. He always had these daydreams that haunted him, of seeing his wife fatten and get so disgustingly obese.

Esmeralda had tainted his precious daughter. Infected her with the pest of fat. He knew that it always started like this: Tim, one of his workers, he worked in the ice stalls down in storage, had married a beautiful thin wife, had found that she gained 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in the last 10 years and would of course keep gaining at that rate till she was a huge fat cow porker.

Gruber was so mad that he had to punish Esmeralda. Make sure she never did this again.
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Rubens_feeder 12 years sorry, was missing a "g"
Rubens_feeder 12 years
There will be. I have the outline done since a year, but never got around to writing it. Too many stories want to be written, new ideas and creative stuff assaults me on a daily basis. Please note that most stories get published only on my website, as I don't have time to split them into the small chapters that FF requires, too much work.
Rubens_feeder 13 years
Yeah, just wait, it will get a lot better, hihhi, I got the whole story outline writen down. I wonder HOW THE HELL I come up with stories like these??? They just drop on me, from nowhere. I have ideas like these practically every week.