By any means necessary

Chapter 1 - introduction and plan

Ryan & Amelia were a long term couple. They had met when they were kids but grew up having a thing for one another until it finally happened, that was 5 years ago. Ryan is 22 now and Amelia is 21' they live together in a little bedsit in Camden Town and they are both students. Neither of them were particularly skinny but had grown significantly through the 5 years. Ryan stood at 5"10 and was a stocky build but he had quite the prominent belly and a double chin to match, he was about 15 stone. Amelia was only 5"5 and looked a lot bigger than Ryan, she was probably 14 and a half stone with a gorgeous belly and soft breasts. They were madly in love and we're looking brightly to the future.

Amelia walks in at around 20 past 7 in the evening, throws down her bag and coat, wanders over to the bed and promptly collapses on it. Ryan looks over and chuckles, he scooted beside her and straddle her waist and looked down in her beautiful big brown eyes. "How was your Lecture, bitch?" Ryan asks jokingly and smirks at her. She grins back "It was tiring, you inconsiderate buffoon, what have we got for dinner?" She said giggling as Ryan starts kissing her arm all the way up and down. Ryan couldn't help but stare at Amelia's protruding belly jiggling as she laughed, a little bit of one of her deliciously soft rolls had poked through, he just wanted to kiss it but a soft slap from Amelia wakes him right up again. "Dinner... Right," he grumbles as he jumps to his feet and flicks on his iPad on the Just Eat App. "Kebab? Chicken? Pizza?" He looks at her screwed up expression and raises a quizzical eyebrow "What's up, sweetie?" She states back and shakes her head "Not tonight, can we get something a little less... Heavy?" Ryan knew something wasn't right, especially her change in tone when she tried to think of a different word, he didn't like that. "Baby, tell me what's on your mind, you know I can tell whenever you're upset." "It's not that I'm upset..." She sighs "But I am thinking of perhaps eating slightly better and maybe exercising, I downloaded this guide on the internet on Weight Loss, it's suppos..." Ryan couldn't understand why he felt so heartbroken but as her words trailed off, he couldn't understand why this had happened. After all, her and Amelia liked being big and she used to love being stuffed up and having Ryan rub her belly all over with cream to soothe. All of that gone, he couldn't believe it. He just nodded along solemnly, she got up and left the room for something and Ryan sat there with his head in his hands, what could he do? He loved Amelia so dearly and something like this isn't a big deal? But somehow it was, he knew why as well, their sex lives had never been better, with every pound that they grew, the more their love making had just become a delight. Ryan didn't think it was the sole reason that it was so good but certainly a huge factor within it but Amelia was stubborn, she'd never listen to his perspective on it but then it hit him, a simply devilish idea that should never have been considered at all.

He had this fantasy of making milk shakes filled with cream and a funnel and just filling her with this fattening concoction, but he figured that minus the funnel and it's feasible. But he couldn't seriously consider fattening up his already rather chubby girlfriend against her will, without her knowing could he? Really?

To be Continued...
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oh interesting ;-) i would love to read more ^^ i somehow like those evil ideas^^