Cassandra creosote: coming to terms

Chapter 1 - Awakening

Cassandra just walked out of Rainbow where she just bought some new jeans. The mall...Rainbow...the prom is in May....dress search....her friend Lindsay might be there....Cassandra couldn't wait to show her her new jeans. The oceanic bridge is awfully decrepit...doesn't seem safe, she decides to drive faster beyond her control. As the car zooms over the missing planks of wood somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, Cassandra discovers she can steer her Range Rover jet cat to avoid the waterspouts up ahead.

Darkness and a headache float into Cassandra's world.

"Cassie dear?? You're waking up?" her mother Natalie Creosote asks happily.

Cassandra sighs in relief at the sound of her mother after an action packed scary dream.

"Huh?!" Cassie asks, suddenly and instantly confused at the realization of her mother's presence.

"Mom?! What are you doing here? I didn't know you guys were gonna visit!" Cassie exclaims.

"Cassie...look're at home. How are you feeling?" her mother asks.

Cassie's mind flashes back to her epic dream...the ocean bridge...the mall...that amazing forest she hid in after that hobbit looking guy chased her with a torch out of that crazy diner...all that food and that bitchy waitress....feeling like a balloon inflating....

"HUH?!" Cassie yells, "WHY?! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!"

"Cassie! Calm down. You've had enough stress," her mother says.

"Please tell me what happened," Cassie pleads.

"Well...first of's Monday've been sleeping since Saturday afternoon."


"CALM DOWN! Don't worry about it...they know and it's okay."

"So....Saturday afternoon, we were contacted by the campus police about a situation with you..."

"Right????? This is fucking crazy..."

"LANGUAGE CASSIE! NOW we go down to the Red Line Diner near your apartment..."

"WHAT?!?! NO! No no WAY mom!" Cassie says.

"You were passed out on the ground in the back by your table..."

Cassie is mortified as her mother unravels the details of Saturday afternoon. That diner was no dream.

"The EMS there said you were fine....just that you NEEDED to sleep it off...before politely suggesting not to repeat this kinda thing," her mother says.

"SLEEP WHAT OFF??!" says Cassie as she reaches down her body and makes the sobering realization that there is undoubtedly more girth on her body than when she last remembered.

"Honey. You were swollen up like a damn tick ready to pop."

"NO WAY MOM! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!" Cassie says panicked.

"They said you were there eating since Friday stop....what's important is how are you feeling now."

"I'm....I need to be alone for now mom. Please, I'm sorry," Cassie says as she wipes away some tears.


" ;Mom. It's okay...I need to process all this....I'll be up in an hour."

"Okay honey," says her mother as she gives her a kiss then leaves the room.

The diner dream was reality. Cassie cannot comprehend her actions. She cannot comprehend all the food she must have eaten....virtually one of everything from the menu and most of the dessert case. Cassie cannot comprehend how distended her body became as she ate and how she busted through her clothing. Cassie cannot comprehend how much fatter she is right now...must be twenty pounds easy. Most of all....Cassie cannot comprehend that peculiar feeling that is again creeping into her body. The thought of the diner incident makes her feel wet under her now way too small panties.

"Mmmmmm..." Cassie moans as she feels down her corpulent body. It is difficult for her to reach around her belly to access her wet little pussy.

"Ohhh...." Cassie starts to feel so empty.

"Hmmmmmmm....??" she gets up and opens her closet.

Cassie slowly gets down on her knees and bends over into the closet. The sight of her overstuffed ass is amazing as it swallows up her panties.

"Aha!" Cassie excitedly exclaims.

She pulls out a large box that was hidden in the closet wall. She can't believe she almost forgot about this stash. She opens the box and inside is three stolen fundraiser candy boxes from the freshman fundrasier rally.

"Oh my god....score...." Cassie whispers.

Cassie tears open a bunch of packages of Kit-Kats, Twix, Reese's, Baby Ruths, and Almond Joys. Kneeling at the side of the bed with the treats on top of the bed, Cassie starts to pack away the candy while her other hand stretches to please her slippery vagina.
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