Cassandra creosote begins

Chapter 1

Cassandra deeply inhales the almost spent blunt with her new friend Jay. She had recently moved into a new apartment to prepare for her junior year of college so she decided to kick it off in proper style. Jay is someone she had met last week in the student center who transferred to her school and they have been meeting up for coffee every evening. They had something in common...they were both theater majors who liked to party a bit too much perhaps.

"Oooohhh...I'm BLAZED....I got some Pabst in the fridge if you want some," offers Cassie.

"Not yet, but soon! Thanks..."

"Alrighty..." she replies as she cracks open a Pabst and slugs one back.

"You are soooo damn coool," Jay says.

"Awwwww...well, ya know..." she blushes.

Jay gives Cassie the once over. Cassie is fresh from her office job and is wearing a cute office outfit. It certainly shows off every thick inch of this 5'8" 490 lbs. beauty. Every part of her was big and round.

"Yeah, you're nice...and...well....I KNEW you'd probably smoke," says Jay.

"Oh! Hehehe....what's that supposed to mean?"

"'re know....a big girl who might smoke and get the munchies," says Jay.

Cassie's world shatters.

"Wha?!...are...are you calling me... FAT?!" Cassie says incredulously.

"No...well, ARE a BIG girl, yoou know...right?" says Jay, digging a deeper hole.


"Cassie...I..." squeaks Jay.


"Alright, alright!" Jay says, the door slamming behind him.

"I'll never be fat!" Cassie says, distraught.

In a panic, Cassie closes the box on the half eaten pizza they shared and folds it into the garbage. She pauses and then quickly takes the box back out, unfolds, then opens it. She grabs a slice and takes a few nips here...and there...mid way through the second slice, she throws the pizza in the garbage violently and reels back in horror at the realization of what she was doing.

"OH GOD!....I'M NOT FAT!!!"

Cassandra decides she needs to get out and get some air. So she gets out and into her car and then drives off into the night.

"I ain't fat," she mutters to herself sulkily.

Thoughts of the past haunt her. Her once slim, nearly athletic body. Her years of popularity at high school. Making fun of the fat chicks. Living with her grandmother, getting anything she wanted. Her friend Theresa telling her she looked fatter at the prom. All that partying.

A diner's red glow looms in the distance.

"I ain't no fat ass," she mutters again as her big body jiggles snugly pressed between steering wheel and seat.

All those trips to Burger King. All those Dunkin Donuts boxes under the bed. All those empty whipped cream cans hidden under the recyclables. All those beer bongs...all those MUNCHIES.

The diner is close now, its red glare casting a light across Cassie's chubby round cheeks. An uncontrollable urge wells up inside of her to go gorge at the diner.

"NO! I ain't FAT!"

An overwhelming mixture of shame, hunger, and almost sexual arousal flood Cassie's mind. She knows she already had about four and a half slices of pizza for dinner...but...she was HUNGRY. Her mind turns to Jay, who she had developed a crush. Her mind was made up.

"FAT!....ya'll ain't seeeen fat yet!" she declares as she peels into the diner parking lot.
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Thanks all...I appreciate it. I appreciate the criticism as well, but I think the spellings are %99 there, and I don't see any bumbling in the perspective. I checked, and I made sure to keep on top of that stuff. Thanks!
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