Happy new years

Chapter 1 - Heavy Revelations

Amazing how Amy slurps and practically takes these cute and wanton chugs of her tall boy Pabst. Slurp and crunch…beer, chips, beer, cheez doodles, beer, beer, chips…slurp and crunch, a wonderful symphony. The polite stifled ‘girl’ burps…a quick hand poised to the tightly closed lips…a quick sharp heave…a slow sigh of an exhale, we make eye contact. I had been staring I guess. Could be awkward.

“Oh…scuse me…” Amy says nervously and yet with a genuine grin…almost naughty.

“That’s cute.” I hear myself say. ‘Too much’ is my immediate thought.

“Oh…” she laughs…”thanks, I guess!”

I feel my cell phone ring in my pants and I check to see who it is. Of course. It is my good friend calling for New Year’s wishes, and is more than likely exceedingly drunk. I answer…

“Hey man!” I say…

“Herreeeee maaaaainnnnnn! Hhhurrpppy Nenn Yurr shhhhhhhhiTT FAaaaacccce!”

I pull the phone down and look at Amy.

“Amy, I gotta take this, I’ll be right back, sorry.”

“Go ahead!” she says.

I walk into the other room and put the phone to my ears. This could get painful.

“Happy New Year’s fucker! How’s the party over there?” I ask.

“Esssss nniiiice! Rurrrrleee niiice…got drUUUUUNK!” he warbles.

“Hummm…I wasn’t initially aware of that whatsoever, but now that you so eloquently mention it…”

“Dddidggya uurrrrmmmmmgggg thatssss chuzz?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I did urmg that schuzz, and it was nice.” I say.


“Oh yeah…thanks man, without those extra chairs it woulda really sucked.” I say.

“Fuckkeeen A.”

“Was Miranda there tonight?” I also hear myself ask that question. I am a dummy. Not the right time. Fuck.

“FUUUUUUUUUCKEEEEN SHIEEIIIIT! Shhhshee wuz hir…an nauuu shece fuckeen…leftttt thu place.”

The conversation just kept tumbling along like a triangle rolling down the great plains. Twenty minutes must have went by…my whole night is shot I feel like. During one of his classic gargling soliloquies, I interrupt.

“Hey man…the uhhh…beer is on fire, I gotta go.” I say quickly.

“FUUUCK! SAVE IT!” he says very very clearly.

“Happy New Year. Sorry about Miranda.” I say.

“Hubby No Your…”

I walk…or...I jog quickly back into the kitchen area and startle Amy.

“Ooooh.” Amy says…her mouth absolutely crammed full of mac and cheese, her face smeared with it.

Amy is standing very close to the trays of food with large serving utensils in each hand. I can see the empty red stained chicken parm tray and the nearly gone tray of mac and cheese. Everything has a reason, and the reason for her growing girth of recent times is becoming readily apparent. The girl is ravenous.

She chews a bit then swallows down the mouthful of food and her distended cheeks deflate slightly back to their natural chubby state.

“I thought you had left… didn’t eat all day, not but a banana…I was…I’m so hungry,” she sheepishly states.

She went to the diner and then for burgers before she got here…that’s what she said earlier. This is a great New Year so far.

“Well don’t let me stop ya…keep going, you need to eat apparently.” I say…brazenly.

“Uhh…YEAH…RIGHT!” she exclaims confidently. “Get me some more Pabst, hun.”

Holy shit is she shoveling that spread into her mouth like an industrial disposal unit. She must be soooo stuffed already, but she’s cramming the food in like she was just rescued from a desert island. I can hear the food mushing around, and as she chews, little moans undoubtedly of pleasure.

“Oh”..chew chew chew...”ah”…chew chew chew.

I see a nice line of flesh tone appearing beneath her tank top and above the jeans’ waistband. One thing that is crystal clear is that her body looks very very bloated. She can’t stop. I don’t think she’ll ever stop. I’ve got that feeling.
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Very good, please continue by taking a very drunk stuffed Amy home.