Mission: insatiable end

Chapter 1

Gina, mouth covered in chocolate, makes her way down the hall to the factory floor doors. Her belly, wrapped up in it's chocolate stained factory coat, sways from side to side with each stride. Busting through the door, she quickly locates the mains switch in the darkened facility and flips it.

"Holy shit," Gina whispers to herself in amazement.

The lights shudder on in the huge factory. Machines buzz and swirl to life. For a second, she becomes nervous about how loud it all is, but that goes away quickly. The only people on site are two guards a few buildings over, and his data is scrambled.

"Oh god....Ho Ho's!"

Gina scurries towards the Ho Ho machine.


She stands near the pre packaging cooling belt, and sure enough, a stream of Ho Ho's begin to flow out onto the belt. Gina starts grabbing whatever she can to cram into her mouth. It is like that famous scene in 'I Love Lucy' except in this case Gina is eating everything she grabs.

"Oh god...." Gina says to herself in an almost sexual way, her mouth filled with Ho Ho's.

The pure deliciousness of it all plus the increasing pressure from the onslaught of food Gina feels in her midsection is starting to stimulate her now wet pu**y. Her coat is riding up her swelling belly, and her clothes feel two sizes too small on her body. After about ten minutes, she looks around.

"Need milk....uhhh..." Gina says to herself, holding her corpulent gut.

Gina spots a large vat with a sign reading 'Buttermilk.'

"Ooooh..." ; Gina says as she grabs a few Ho Ho's and moves to the buttermilk vat. She shoves some Ho Ho's in her mouth and scampers about ssearching for some cup or container for the buttermilk.

"There!" says Gina finding a container.

Gina locates a valve and loosens it. Soon enough buttermilk is gushing out.

"Shit!" Gina exclaims as she tries to catch the buttermilk in the container, but the valve is pointed outward making it impossible.

"Fuck!" Gina says as buttermilk spills everywhere.

In a panic, she presses her mouth over the valve.

"Ooof!" Gina mutters as the buttermilk flows into her body.

She grabs her big fat belly as it fills too quickly with buttermilk. Her coat rides up her gut to the effect of it resembling a bikini top worn over her figure hugging blue dress. The sight of her standing there, mouth to the gushing valve of buttermilk, cheeks filled, and belly quivering from the pressure is nothing short of heaven.

Gina, with much effort, tightens the valve as the stream of buttermilk becomes too overwhelming.

"Uhhhhhhhhh!!" Gina sighs as she lets out a huge burp followed by a string of adorable hiccups.

"Fruit pies?! I didn't know they were Hostess..." Gina says to herself in some kind of stoned haze.

As she turns to move to the fruit pie cooling area, one would not help but notice her belly bulging out, almost engulfing the little black belt of her blue dress. It is absolutely stuffed and plumped. Her very wide hips are almost getting upstaged at this point by her expanding torso. Also noticeable is how her belly is pushing her massive FFF tits up towards her face. Her cleavage is a mess of chocolate and cream filling.

"Oh god!" exclaims Gina as she starts reaching furiously for the small fruit pies.

It is not very long before she is a syrupy mess of peach, lemon, cherry, and apple. So possessed is Gina, her mouth is practically bursting, crust falling from her mouth, pie filling oozing out. She could have stayed there forever, but minutes in, she notices a magical word in her peripheral vision.


"Yep...I'm going over there...now!" Gina says, mouth stuffed as she spots the Twinkie machine.

She makes a steady wobble in her blue bodysuit...I mean, dress, towards the Twinkie area.

"FUCK! GIMMIE GIMMIE!" Gina yells.

She goes absolutely crazy as a river of Twinkies passes her by. In a way, she dams that river. She ravenously attacks the Twinkie parade like a sci-fi monster destroying a city. In this bliss, she can hear a door slam on the far side of the factory floor.

"Huh?" she says.

"Who is in here?!" yells a voice in the distance.

"Shit!" Gina says, stoned, blissed out, and dizzy.

In a confused panic, the bloated and mammoth Gina slips and falls as she turns around, and lands giant ass first down onto the Twinkies.

"Ow..." she whimpers as the back of her head lands on the conveyor belt.

The machine shudders from the sudden 500 plus pounds that just plopped down on it.

"HELP!" Gina yells as the conveyor belt carries her slowly forward.

Suddenly, she feels something hit her shoulders and she is stuck as the belt stops moving.

"HELP!" she yells again.

It is at this moment that she notices something above her moving down towards her head.

"AHH!" she yells as she looks up.

As she yells, this object, the Twinkie cream filler, shoves itself into her open mouth....then malfunctions.

"OOOOOFFFF!" Gina mutters as the machine recognizes her as a Twinkie. A very large Twinkie.

White sugary cream floods her mouth and forces itself down into her dangerously overstuffed gut.

"Who's there!?" yells the voice of a guard searching out where he heard the cries for help.

"OOOOOMMMFFF!" GIna tries to yell back, but there is too much cream flowing into her mouth. She panics and starts flailing her arms and legs.

Some cream comes out of her nose and starts spraying out from the sides of her mouth. Earlier, a technician explained that the machine is censor activated, so as long as it makes contact, it ejects cream.

Gina hugs onto her belly as the cream keeps on flowing.

"Oh my god," the guard says as he spots Gina. He runs over.

The guard stands for a few seconds transfixed at the sight. It is around then that he sees her bulbous midsection start to inflate.

"HOLY SHIT!" says the guard as he scrambles around to find the emergency shut off switch.

Gina's body starts to puff out gradually, filling up like a balloon. She can do nothing but lay there trapped, and accept the rush of cream invading every available space in her, which had apparently run out.

"FUCK!" says the guard, unable to locate the switch.

Gina continues to grow, and then her belt breaks open forcing her stomach outward even more. This quickly tears open her dress which is not able to withstand anymore pressure.

"GOT IT!" the guard yells slamming the switch which stops the cream. It also causes one last massive dump of cream from the pumps in the vat.

"OOOOFFFFFF!!!!" exclaims Gina as the final giant load of cream surges inside of her, causing her to blow up a few more inches, busting her bra wide open.

As she laid there like a huge swollen human tick that just fed on a giant with cream blood. Her dress, shredded, her pink stretched skin exposed like a pink blimp...she is absolutely bloated and close to bursting.

"Uhhhh...." all she can do is moan, caress her swollen belly, and burp uncontrollably.


An alarm sounds.

"SHIT!" yells the guard.

"AHHHHHH!" yells Gina as she hears the pumps roar back to life.
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