Jenna mikas (jil*ian mich*ls): closet feeder

  By NJ1984

Chapter 1 - begin

Beautiful and sunny Los Angeles; a place of glitz and glamor. Aside from the Mexican drug cartel's ever prersent cash flow, this city makes it's bucks from the body image obsessed, botox faced sycophantic charlatans of Hollywood. The past half century has elevated LA to be the international capitol of the world in such matters; it's subversive effects trickling down through the fabric of our society. Fundamentally, 'fitness' is money. All else opposing are only good for ridicule and admonishment. Natural inclinations and full self realizations have been neutralized in a wide swath under this brutal cultural regime. As overbearing and endemic as this situation might be, the antidote for it is being concocted right now. The modern age's rate of information sharing and communications have enabled and even celebrated those who move against this intangible and meaningless grain of society. Still there are those who move in secret between a multitude dimensions.
....hmmmm...a multitude of dimensions. How apt....
That perfectly leads us to a woman currently contained in another type of 'multiple dimensions.' Celebrity fitness guru Jenna Mikas of Biggest Winner fame is such a woman whose small athletic body is now underneath the 'multitude of dimensions' provided by her secret little fitness project; Molly Malone, east coast native, and a very gorgeous five hundred and twelve pound feedee. A curious bystander could easily see how obsessed the both of them are with Molly's expansive and bulbous figure. Jenna is audibly relishing the taste of Molly's very wet pussy; engulfed as she is in so much fat. Molly is just sitting there reclining as she moans in pleasure; her one hand vigorously fondling her massive breasts and protruding belly while the other locates more Bear Claws to shove into her body. Molly grabs the giant sized confection and crams it into her hard working mouth. A look of alarm comes over her eyes, for there are no Bear Claws left on the platter.
"CHARLEShhhh...." says Molly with full mouth between orgasmic groans...."mmmMMorrre BEHR CLAWSHHhhhh..."
The sharply dressed man standing at attention to the back of the gaudy marble chamber of pleasure is the butler Charles.
"Yes Miss Malone..." Charles replies dutifully.
Jenna continues to undulate underneath the huge Molly Malone. Molly pushes the last chunk of Bear Claw through her greedy lips as she notices Charles leaving the room to fetch more Bear Claws.
"WAIT! CHARLES!" yells Molly.
"Yessss Miss Malone?" he replies.
Molly picks up her deluxe foot long Monte Cristo sub sandwich, and takes four inches off of it in one bite.
"Gimmie...uhhhhh......mmmmm....rice- shshhhh puuuuddding firrrsht..." Molly commands as she chows down her sandwich.
"Yes ma'am..." Charles says as he moves towardsthe wheeled contraption on the side of the room.
It is a large circular container about four feet tall and two and a half feet across. The green LED light indicates the proper temperature is reached, and the blue LED indicates it has recently been filled to capacity. Charles wheels the device towards the waiting hungry Molly.
"QUICK CHARLESSSHhhh..." Molly says as she munches away on her monte Cristo, "...I want it shooooo baaaad..."
Charles presses the tube release switch and a flexible tube arm pops out with a mouth nozzle and head attachment. Charles holds the nozzle at the ready.
"Ready, Miss Malone..." he says.
Molly shoves the remainder of her sub into her mouth and gives it some really hearty chews. Seemingly in a panic, she grasps the sangeria pitcher and washes down her sub in multiple big gulps. Sangria runs down the sides of her fat cheeks and onto the top of her massive breasts. She sinks down her final gulp and slams down the pitcher.
"...mmmmm...okayyy, Charles.....NOW!" Molly commands.
Charles wraps the head gear around Molly's head and she wraps her juicy lips around the mouth nozzle. Charles presses a red button; the devices beeps a few times and a humming sound begins. The tube grows shadowy and firm as the rice pudding is pumped through towards her over eager mouth. Jenna pushes herself out from under Molly and looks over at the rice pudding device. She is very disheveled from spending the past twenty minutes under Molly. She looks at Charles.
"You're supposed to be getting more Bear Claws from storage..." Jenna says, her athletic toned body glistening in sweat.
"Yes Miss Mikas," he says retreating from the room.
"AND AS FOR YOU MISSSS MALONE..." Jenna says looking towards Molly menacingly.
Molly's eyes light up; part bliss, part terror. Jenna looks down at the pudding device.
"I KNOW YOU CAN DO just need to...puuuush yourself a little more," Jenna says in a low sinister hush.
Jenna turns a dial up on the machine and the humming grows considerably louder. In a matter of seconds a little bit of rice pudding starts splattering from the sides of the mouth nozzle connected to Molly's mouth.
"..OHHHHFFFFFF..." Molly exclaims muffled.
Molly's cheeks puff up a little, stretched a bit more. Jenna had increased the flow of rice pudding to a significant level. Some of the wrinkles on Molly's white one piece stretchy suit fade away as it stretches to meet her bloating. It is a beautiful pristine white outfit, save for the cornucopia of food stains on the top side of her breasts.
Outside Charles is leaving storage with a hand truck full of Bear Claws boxes. Unbeknowst to all, up on the rocky hill surrounding the Beverly Hills mansion is Jimmy Peters, a stealthy and astute paparazzi from the notorious TZM news agency. Jimmy has been investigating strange deliveries to the Mikas residence for the past few months. He found it strange that such a noted and public fitness guru would be ordering massive amounts of junk food, baked goods, take-out, and even in some cases weight gain powder. Jimmy zooms in on the butler and his hand truck with his camera. He snaps a round of photos.
"What are youuuuu up to??....." Jimmy whispers to himself as he snaps photo after photo.
Jimmy scuttles down the other side of the rocky hill and swipes his thumb over his smart phone a few times then puts the phone to his ear. Someone is on the other side of the line...
"'s Jimmy, I just got some more, they are being sent now....I don't get it....let me see what I can do...." Jimmy says as he hangs up the phone.
Jimmy's boss at TZM insisted that he gets some hard core photo evidence of this bizarre behavior they suspect Jenna Mikas of commiting. Jimmy has been covering this for the past week and knows that Ms. Mikas has exhibited the utmost secrecy and security in whatever she was up to.
"Ah *** we go again..." Jimmy mutters to himself, realizing the only way to get such evidence is to step beyond the law. He knows that opportunity would have to be tonight as Ms. Mikas will be leaving for NYC and will be there for an entire week. Jimmy has been here before, he knows the drill, he knows to bribe the butlers and's old hat for him, standard fare, just not that desirable.
Back inside a look of worry shows through Molly's face which is partially covered by the head gear of the rice pudding pump. There is rice pudding splattered all over the top of her massive breasts.
"Mmmmmph.....mmmmmm..." Molly mutters as she worriedly looks around and sees nobody.
Ms. Mikas had increased the flow a few minutes ago then left to take a shower thinking Charles could take care of everything, however he took his time retrieving the Bear Claw boxes. The flow is now proving to be too much too soon for Molly and her panic increases with no one around to switch off the machine. She would shut it off but she has been stuffing her fat greedy face all day and can't really move too well. She sees sunlight peek in off in the is Charles with the Bear Claws.
"MMMMM!!! MMMMMM!!!" Molly motioned wildly as pudding continued to force itself into her bloated figure.
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