Jaded curves

Chapter 1

Jaded got up early that Saturday morning. She was so excited that she would get to see Johnny

later that day. Thoughts of all the fun things they might do together invaded her mind with bliss. She

could hardly contain herself. As she straightened up her apartment in the morning, this excitement started to

really get a mind of it's own. Jaded's stomach started to growl. She looked down at the beautiful soft, round belly,

held it, and made a pained face. She then looked up at the counter and opened it and grabbed the box of Funny Bones.

Jaded couldn't tear open the box fast enough. She was ridiculously hungry, and the thought of the delicious day ahead

with Johnny only intesified her need to fill herself up with gloriously tasty treats. A few minutes later, and there

were empty plastic wrappers gathered on the counter. As her cute little finger pushed the last morsel of Funny Bone

through her full, lucious lips, she realized that she needed something to wash it all down. Nothing a few chugs from

the bottle of sweet Mt. Dew can't help. Jaded felt this feeling of pleasure building up inside of her....it was undeniable.

Off in the living room, she saw an unopened box of Dunkin Donuts on the table. She gravitated towards the living room.

She looked up to check the clock for the time and realized that twenty minutes had went by since she had the Funny Bones.

She completely lost track of time. As she looked back down at the table, she noticed an empty box of donuts. It is

almost like she automatically crammed every last donut down her throat and wasn't even aware of it. A bigger rush of bliss

and disbelief flooded her brain like glitter. An even louder growl emanated from her stomach. Looking down at her bulging belly in equal

disbelief, she quickly made her way to the phonebook. She found a local food delivery service and dialed the number. All the while

her belly growled louder and louder.

"Oh god...I'm so hungry..." she said to herself.

"Hello...miss?" a voice answered back.

"Oh....sorry...ummmm...I'd lke to make an order from the Denny's downtown."

"Okayyyy...what can I get ya?"

"Let me see..." she scanned the menu, looking at it like it was a check for a million dollars, so excited....

"I'll get the family special...that's four grandslams I think..."

"Yes ma'am..."

"Annnndddd...two orders of french toast....two blueberry muffins....and the pint of creamed grits."

"Okay misss, that'll be..."

"Oh! And...two sides of bacon."

"Okay, that'll be about a half hour."


A few hours later, Jaded was putting together her outfit. Johnny would be there soon, and she was going to wear

this new ensemble she had picked out in the past week. New jeans and a new buttoned up red blouse. As she wiggled her big juicy

legs into each pant leg, she was surprised how snug they felt since a few days ago.

"What is up with that?" she thought to herself.

The jeans just slipped around her wide hips. Trying to button them was another feat in itself. It took her about ten minutes.

She could not believe how easily they fit earlier in the week. When all was said and done, her fat, bulging curves were puring out

of her now very tight clothes...Her blouse would easily ride up towards her massive breasts....her belly, big and swollen from

eating constantly throughout the day almost engulfed the belt and waistband of the jeans. She could feel her expanded girth putting

pressure on her pulsating clit. As her doorbell rang, her stomach growled even louder than ever before. This was going to be an

interesting date.
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